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Acne Articles


Acne has a way of making us feel less beautiful. It’s an unfair problem that can start in early adolescence and carry on through our adult lives. Most people ride the carousel of creams, ointments and dermatologists but a solution still evades. Silk’n wants to connect you to expert advice and professional information that can help clear your skin and lead to a cleansing routine that can actually deliver results in the war against Acne.

In this blog, you will find valuable information about acne treatment and prevention. Our articles will introduce you to the Silk’n products designed to treat acne and offer helpful advice that can give you an understanding of why your acne persists so strongly. The goal is to empower you to look amazing and to feel your most confident. If you can’t find it here, check out the Resource Center and learn more about how our Blue acne devices work, in detail.

Our writers have created content for beginners looking to learn about acne and the different treatments as they start their journey toward clear skin. As you peruse our blog, check out an article we have on safe and effective treatment options for kids. If you don’t have kids, then this article on how to get rid of acne could be of interest.

Our blog is regularly updated so check back often for new content that is sure to help you treat acne. To automatically receive the latest content, sign up for our newsletter and you’ll be notified of the most recent articles, sales and offers. This information will help you create your very own at-home skin cleansing routine or to improve upon your current one.