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Health & Beauty Articles


Do you want to learn more about healthy living and how to become your most beautiful self? Health and beauty is a broad topic and one that interests a lot of people as they try to improve their health and get the best beauty advice. With health and beauty, you need to sift through the mountain of information to understand what is fact and can actually work, and what myths might be holding you back from looking and feeling your best.

In this blog, readers can learn how to protect their skin from Canada’s intense climate which can shift from hot to cold, and cold to warm(ish) rather suddenly. You will also gain access to interesting and informative articles to learn about healthy diets, how to treat acne and how to deal with cellulite, as well of interesting health and beauty advice from our experts.

Discover your new Fall skincare routine that will make your skin glow. If you enjoy pedicures, learn why the Silk’n Pedi is a must have for people who want the most luxuriously soft feet. Whether you want to improve your health or get the best hair removal tips you will find high-quality articles that are compelling, informative and helpful.

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Winter Beauty Trends – 2018 Skincare, Hair and Makeup Trends

Winter Beauty Trends – 2018 Skincare, Hair and Makeup Trends

New year, new beauty trends. If you’re curious what’s trending this winter, then look no further—in this article we go through skincare, makeup and hair routines, and how they change for the winter.