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Acne Awareness Month

Acne Awareness Month

June is Acne Awareness month and we are doing our part to ensure everyone is aware about acne and its effects on skin! From giveaways and contests to educational posts and videos, you will definitely get your dose of acne awareness from us.

Acne Awareness

Why are we so passionate about acne awareness and reduction? Because we have a product that can deliver real results to real people just like you. As much as we would like to believe that acne is only an issue during teenage years, most adults have recognized that is not the case. It is estimated that 25% of adult men and 50% of adult women suffer from adult acne. It is typically caused by hormonal imbalance, which is why it is more commonly experienced by women. No matter what time in your life you experience acne, it is never enjoyable! Acne can take a toll on your self image and make you feel self conscious. Although acne has no “cure”, it can be cleared away with the right treatments. That is where we come in!

Best Acne treatment blue light therapy

Blue Light Therapy

There are many different ways to treat acne. From over the counter creams to prescription pills to herbal remedies – all of which can be effective. The newest way to treat acne is called Blue Light Therapy. Blue-Light Therapy is the best-known light therapy for acne treatment, according to the American Academy of Dermatology. The Silk’n Blue uses the revolutionary technology to deliver real results to your skin. The light destroys acne causing bacteria beneath the skin’s surface. Following that, a dermal heating element drys up overactive oil glands to prevent future breakouts. The Silk’n Blue is your long term solution for acne reduction!

Blue light therapy acne proccess

Does it Work?

We know what you are thinking: But does it really work? YES! The Blue has been clinically tested and proven to reduce acne with regular treatments. Dermatologist Dr. M. Gold conducted a study where particpants used the Blue device for 3 months. Overall, 91.6% of the participants were satisfied with the results! 91% saw a reduction in acne lesions. Dr. Judith Hellman, a board certified laser surgeon and dermatologist states that the Blue can be used by itself or in tandem with any of your other favorite acne creams, ointments, or medications. The pictures below show before and after pictures of real Blue users.

Acne Awareness Month

Acne Awareness Month

What Are You Waiting For?

If you are suffering from regular breakouts, the Blue device can help! Lucky for you, there is a discount available on to celebrate Acne Awareness Month! By a Blue device during the month of June and you will get 15% off and a free Blue Cleanse! If you are not happy with your purchase within 30 days, you can return it and get your money back.

If you are a little low on funds, don’t worry! We are also running a Acne Aware Giveaway on our Facebook page. One lucky winner will win a Silk’n Blue, Blue Cleanse, SonicCleanPlus, and $20 to Sephora! The giveaway will be run from Thursday, June 8th to Thursday June 11th. You can enter as many times as you want! Be sure to keep an eye on our page for details on how to enter.

Acne Awareness Month

Feel confident and sexy this summer. Take control of your skin with the Silk’n Blue. You won’t regret it!

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