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The ReVit Prestige Has Won a Beauty Disrupter Award!

The ReVit Prestige Has Won a Beauty Disrupter Award!

With respect to the health and beauty category, a disrupter is defined as a product that pushes the envelope and expertly enhances one’s appearance and health. These products are worth the investment and promise to do more than gather dust at the bottom of a drawer.

To celebrate true disrupters, online health and beauty leader, The Kit, presents awards to products and brands that not only meet their criteria, but exceed expectations.

Under its skincare category, the ReVit Prestige has been named a Beauty Disrupter! This serves as further proof that Silk’n is creating safe and powerful at-home health & beauty devices that are impacting the lives of millions of people all over the world.

As part of our mission to help people uncover and discover their best skin, Silk’n has brought to market a revolutionary microdermabrasion device. The ReVit Prestige is a modern device that successfully promotes healthy skin and features an intelligent display to guide users through a proper treatment.

Let’s look at the ins and outs of microdermabrasion and why it should be an important part of a skincare routine. Then, we’ll introduce you to the latest Silk’n innovation, the ReVit Prestige, and explore what makes it so great. Finally, we’ll look at our other microderm devices so you have all you need to plan a course of action.


Silk'n reVit Prestige microderm device


What is Microdermabrasion?

Microdermabrasion is a minimally-invasive skincare procedure that removes dead skin cells. It rejuvenates skin, brightening its tone. This treatment can also improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, acne scarring, dullness or spots caused by either the sun or age.

To perform, you need an applicator with a rough, coarse surface, which works like sandpaper, gently smoothing the skin by removing patches of old skin. It should feel like a facial massage as it works to bring healthy skin to the surface.

Many people turn to clinics or salons for professional microdermabrasion treatments. By using a Silk’n device, you can experience efficient and expert treatments from the comfort of your home and without expensive and inconvenient salon appointment.

What is the ReVit Prestige?

Silk’n has launched a powerful microdermabrasion device, the ReVit Prestige. It delivers proven results that include firmer and healthier skin.

It offers the following features and benefits:

  • Can successfully remove dead skin cells.
  • Facilitates the production of new cells that make skin look and feel younger.
  • Vacuum stimulation that cleans up the loose skin cells, massages skin and improves blood circulation.
  • Intelligent treatments that are quick and simple via a LCD display, smart Auto-mode and timer.
  • Reduces the visibility of acne scars and age spots.
  • Makes large pores and fine lines appear smaller or thinner.
  • Customized treatments using one of the four diamond tip options: fine, regular, body and massage.
  • Three powerful vacuum settings.
  • Battery-powered so it’s portable and you aren’t tethered to an outlet.

How to Use the ReVit Prestige

The ReVit Prestige should be used twice a week. Each treatment should last four minutes. Press the device against the parts of the body you wish to treat and pass over each area a maximum of three times.

It’s great to pair with either the Titan or the FaceFX, which work from the inside out to give skin a more radiant and youthful look.

To start, you will want to choose the tip that is best suited for your skin needs. Remember, the tips should be replaced every year or earlier if they appear to be worn out.

  • Fine Tip features fine diamond particles that are designed for areas that are more sensitive or harder to reach like around the eyes. Never use below the eyes or on eyelids.
  • Regular Tip works for all skin types and is considered the standard tip. It is ideal to treat the face and neck.
  • Body Tip is built with larger diamond particles to work larger surface areas like arms and legs.
  • Massage Tip feels great against skin and is perfect for general exfoliation.

The ReVit Prestige is more durable than previous devices and can exfoliate with more power and efficiency. It simply sucks dead cells from the top layer of skin, which suffers abuse from cosmetics, the sun and harsh weather conditions. All removed cells end up in a replaceable filter. Much like a professional chemical peel, this process encourages new skin cells to grow.


ReVit Prestige Treatments

You need to follow the recommended treatment protocol to achieve noticeable and desirable results. Like all Silk’n devices, the ReVit Prestige is easy-to-use and leverages state-of-the-art technologies to ensure customers get a return on their time and money.

Here are the steps:

  • Make sure skin is clean and dry.
  • Choose a tip and attach to the top of the device.
  • Press the power button once.
  • Choose a mode and begin treatment by placing the tip against the skin you want to treat. Move it gently and slowly over the area for four minutes. You will want to stroke from the inside outwards. For instance, start near the base of your nose and work toward your earlobe.
  • Turn the device off.
  • Wash the treatment areas with cold water. This will cool the skin and remove the lingering dead skin cells that were exfoliated.
  • Apply a cream or body lotion, preferably one with SPF 30.

The LCD display allows you to execute an intelligent treatment and enjoy skin with greater elasticity. It provides instructions and allows you to perform a skin sensitivity test. Be sure to complete treatment and start early enough if you are hoping to have glowing skin by the summer.

Complementary Products

The ReVit Prestige can be combined with creams and moisturizers to make sure skin is protected and hydrated post-treatment. The Kit awarded several as Beauty Disrupters and they’re worth checking out.

We personally like Clinique iD Custom-Blend Hydrator that pairs perfectly with the Prestige and continues its mission of reducing the visibility of pores to deliver a more balanced tone.

Skincare should always consider the damage caused by the sun’s harmful rays. That’s why you should always have sunscreen with a minimum SPF 30 on hand. Make sure you cover exposed skin even for short stints outdoor. Try the Neutrogena Hydro Boost SPF 50, which doesn’t leave ugly white marks or clog pores. You can even keep it in your purse or toss it in your carry-on.

If you prefer serums, try the Aquasource Aura Concentrate from Biotherm. It’s quick-absorbing, moisturizes dry skin and replaces dullness with vibrancy.

Build your own beauty kit and make sure you have the arsenal to combat the signs of aging.

Other Microderm Devices

In addition to the ReVit Prestige, Silk’n has developed two other microdermabrasion devices that have grown a devoted global fan base. The ReVit and Revit Prestige are both adept at  performing microdermabrasion treatments that contribute to a thorough skincare regimen and promote healthy skin that is soft to the touch.

Enjoy Healthy and Bright Skin Today!

Add microdermabrasion to your weekly health and beauty routine so that you can slow the appearance of aging while feeling more confident about showing off your skin.

Learn more about The Kit Beauty Disrupter Awards and be sure to check out the Silk'n Revit Prestige, and how it can be used as part of a comprehensive skincare regime. Visit our Resource Centre to learn more about microderm treatments and how they help skin look young and fresh.

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