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The Best Beauty Routines and Practices for the Summer

The Best Beauty Routines and Practices for the Summer

The Best Beauty Routines and Practices for the Summer

How to Prep Your Beauty Routine for the Summer Heat

Sunny days and beach waves, there’s nothing better than summertime. While making lasting memories should be your top priority, you need to consider the practical aspects of preparing for summer. From wearing loads of SPF to adjusting your skincare routine, getting ready for the hotter months can be quite the shift. Much like swapping out your jackets for sun dresses, your skincare and beauty routine often needs revisiting and updating as we transition into warm weather. Follow these few tips and tricks in order to make sure your skincare and makeup regimen transitions seamlessly into the best season of the year!


  1. Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate!

It’s no surprise that staying hydrated is good for you. You should be drinking anywhere between 2.7 to 3.7 litres of liquids every single day. During the heat of summer, staying hydrated is far more important than any other time of the year. Staying adequately hydrated improves brain and body health and promotes healthy skin. When it’s especially hot out, we lose more water the more we sweat. Water consumption helps to hydrate the skin from within, but you can also boost your hydration levels with products that contain ingredients such as ceramide, aqua, and glycerine. All of this will help keep you hydrated, healthy, and glowing.


  1. Stock Up on SPF

It’s something all of our moms have been telling us since we were teenagers, but it’s true. Wearing SPF regularly is the key to healthy skin. Try to avoid leaving the house without any SPF, especially during the summer. Direct sunlight on the skin can cause burns, pigmentation, and dark spots. It can also lead to early signs of aging. Choosing products with SPF is fairly easy nowadays, as many moisturizers and even foundations contain some level of SPF. Aim to find products that have an SPF of at least 30 in them.

If you’re comfortable letting your skin breathe, go for a dewy-finish facial sunscreen for that sun-kissed glow without the sun damage. If you find your skin is oily, there are tons of matte and oil-free sunscreens available too. You should also aim to reapply often. An easy solution to applying SPF on-the-go are powder solutions.

There are studies that show that the blue light from your electronic screens can also affect your skin the same way sunlight does, but on a smaller scale. For this reason, try finding a daily moisturizer with an SPF in it. You might not be leaving the house, but your skin will always be protected!


  1. Fight Aging Early

While wearing SPF is the best way to prevent signs of aging, it isn’t a magic shield to prevent any issues brought on by summertime heat. Increased ultraviolet radiation from the sun leads to premature aging, so there’s no better time to introduce your skin to the benefits of anti-aging skin products. Without complicating your skincare routine, try finding multi-use products that incorporate Vitamin C, retinol, and peptides. Serums are lightweight option to get extra ingredients into the skin without lathering on the lotions. You can also easily find moisturizers with peptides, or eye creams with retinol. This way, you aren’t overcomplicating your skincare routine but are benefiting from amazing anti-aging skincare superheroes.


  1. The Lighter, the Better!

When it comes to makeup in the summertime, you want to go as light as possible. Nobody loves oily eyelids or an oily foundation that melts off your skin. Choose lightweight makeup formulas for a summery look without the risk of having your makeup running all over. A lighter base will not only feel good on the skin, but let it breathe. In the summer, your pores are more likely to get oily and clogged. By cutting down on heavy foundations, you prevent the risk of it sneaking into your pores and causing any unwanted blemishes.

For a flawless but lightweight base, ditch your full-coverage liquid foundation and opt for a mineral-based powder formula or an oil-free BB cream or tinted moisturizer. For any additional coverage, use a touch of concealer only on spots that need it. This is great for your skin and will give you a gorgeous, glowing look.

This summer’s top makeup trend is cream products. For a flush of colour, dab a small amount of a cream blush onto your cheeks. Cream contour and highlight are also available if you want to boost a natural everyday look into something more sculpted. Cream products blend seamlessly into the skin and are more lightweight than liquid or powder options. Plus, they look beautiful!


  1. Wear Waterproof

Flakey or smudged mascara is never cute, no matter the time of year. To avoid smudging and smearing without compromising on drama, try a waterproof mascara. You can find waterproof versions of almost any of your favourite mascara so you can get luscious lashes without looking like a panda. Waterproof eyeliner is also available to ensure your eye makeup looks flawless all day long. For a summer-friendly natural look, try a brown or black-brown shade of your favourite mascara and liner. You’d be surprised how much this can brighten up your face without looking too heavy.


  1. Take Care of Your Hair

When it comes to hair, you should be protecting it the same way you protect your skin. Heat affects your hair, whether it is from a flat iron or the hot sun. Being in the heat drains your hair of its natural oils, leaving it dry and lifeless. Heat protectant doesn’t just work for heat styling tools, either. Run a heat-protectant oil through your strands after the shower to lock in moisture and prevent any dryness. This will, in turn, make your hair look healthy and shiny.

In terms of styling, try to avoid using hot tools especially during the summertime. Using heat directly on your hair and then going outside and exposing it to more heat is just a recipe for dryness and fizziness. Try using heatless curl methods or rocking your natural hair texture this summer. When in doubt, a high pony or messy bun looks chic and protects your hair from over-exposure to the sun.

With all the summer sweating from walking around during the day, you’ll be tempted to wash your hair every day. This might feel like a good idea at the time, but washing your hair daily strips it of all its natural oils that keep it hydrated and healthy. Instead, try using a good-quality dry shampoo when your hair is looking a bit oilier than usual. If all else fails, a messy bun is always the answer!


  1. Keep Your Skincare Simple

Due to the heat, pores tend to enlarge during the summer. This is so that your skin can breathe easily. However, this usually results in excessive dirt and sweat clogging pores and leading to breakouts. A simple skincare routine isn’t just the easiest way to take care of your skin, but it’s also the most effective. Your skin doesn’t need all the heavy chemicals and creams that it might need when it’s dry in the winter time. A simple cleanse, tone, and moisturize beauty routine is the best way to take care of your skin during the hot summer months. Use a gentle cleanser based on your skin’s needs, tone, and moisturize with a lightweight but hydrating moisturizer. If needed, use a gentle exfoliator once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells on the skin’s surface.

Be sure to wash your face twice a day, every day. Once in the morning to remove any dirt that could have made its way onto your skin overnight, and once at night to remove any oil from the day. Always remember to remove makeup properly before bed, too. No, a makeup removing wipe does not replace a good skincare routine. Thoroughly remove all makeup from the day before cleansing to ensure the best clean possible. If your skin is feeling especially dirty one day, double-cleansing is completely okay!


  1. Dare to Go Bare

Going completely makeup-free is a lot easier said than done, but it works wonders for your skin. Going bare is one of the greatest things you can do to your skin. Sweat and excessive dirt and pollution can clog your pores, leaving you with breakouts, blackheads, or irritated skin. By choosing to go makeup-free, you’re giving your skin a break to heal any existing blemishes and giving it a chance to breathe. Remember to still wear an SPF, though!


     9. Keep Cool

Make sure that your kind to your body this summer. Avoid being in the direct heat for hours on end, stay in the shade when possible, and avoid doing strenuous exercise outdoors. Your body can overheat easily, leading to exhaustion and causing harm to yourself. A great tip to preventing this is to wear lightweight, comfortable clothing, as well. Cotton and other breathable fabrics are going to be your best friend during the hottest months of the year. Swap those jeans out for some linen pants or shorts. Ditch button-downs and blazers and opt for tank tops or t-shirts. You want to encourage your skin to breathe, not just on your face but on the rest of your body too.


Soak Up the Summer

Switching your routines for the summer months involves more than just putting your winter boots into storage. Taking care of your body and switching up your skincare is vital during these hot months. Easy fixes to your everyday routine can make the biggest difference in the world. Now that you’re prepared to have a great summer, call up your besties and make some fun summer plans!

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