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How to Choose the Best Hair Removal Method for You

How to Choose the Best Hair Removal Method for You

 Whether you love it or hate it, hair removal is an everyday practice for men and women all around the world. Hair removal is slowly becoming more of a personal choice than a beauty standard. With this, those who choose to stay groomed are opting for several different methods of hair removal.


With multiple options available, it can be hard to find the best hair removal method for you. Finding something that produces the results you want can be difficult, but ultimately, rewarding.


Which hair removal method will you choose?


  1. Shaving


Shaving using a razor is inexpensive, fast, and relatively easy. Shaving razors are available in any grocery store, pharmacy, and even some convenience stores. It can be used for larger areas such as legs, smaller areas such as facial hair, and sensitive areas such as the bikini line. Popular for its convenience, shaving is a common hair removal method.


PROS: Shaving is quick and easy. There are tons of different razors available for purchase, so you can find the perfect razor for you that leaves your skin smooth and hairless. This is a method you can do daily, if desired, to keep these results constant.


CONS: Dull razors can lead to razor bumps or small cuts, if you aren’t careful or don’t take the time to prep the skin properly. Shaving can also lead to the hair coming in thicker and quicker, so be sure you have the time and desire to keep up with shaving to get the best results.


  1. Waxing


Warm, melted wax is applied to the skin and removed in strips. This method pulls the hair out of the skin from the root, so the hair grows in slower and sparser. Waxing is great for smaller areas such as the upper lip, eyebrows, or bikini area.


PROS: Waxing is quick, and results last from two to six weeks depending on your hair thickness and hair type.


CONS: While some people do wax themselves from home, it is recommended to see an aesthetician for this hair removal method. Additionally, waxing requires some hair regrowth in order to be effective. The hair needs to be the length of a grain of rice for the warm wax to adhere to the hair well enough to pull it out of its follicle. Additionally, because of how warm it is, it is not recommended to go over the same area twice. If this is done, it can irritate the skin or cause pain. If not done correctly, it can even cause a slight burn.


  1. Sugaring


Sugaring is an ancient Middle Eastern form of hair removal, and it has recently gained popularity in North America. It is similar to waxing in that it pulls the hair from the follicle right at the root in order to provide two to six week-long results. Sugaring uses a recipe of sugar, lemon juice, and water to create a mixture similar to warm wax. This is applied to the skin and then removed by hand. It is less warm than wax, and is removed in the direction of the hair growth, making it less painful than waxing. This technique of hair removal is best for sensitive areas, such as the face or bikini area.


PROS: Sugaring is less painful than waxing, and is better for sensitive areas. It can be done anywhere you would wax, and can cover larger areas than wax strips. This makes it quicker for larger areas such as legs and arms.


CONS: While sugaring is a gentler process, some hair types need that extra power to get rid of all the hair that needs to be removed. Some clients experience more hair left over than others, due to how coarse the hair is or how adhesive the sugar is.


  1. Hair Removal Cream


Hair removal creams contain certain chemicals that break the bonds that make up a hair strand. This breakage causes the hair to be weak enough that you can simply wipe or rinse your skin and the hair will come right off. While this is a good method for less sensitive areas, it is highly recommended not to put these creams near your eyes, nose, mouth, or sensitive areas such as the bikini line.


PROS: Hair removal creams are fairly inexpensive and can be purchased at pharmacies or grocery stores. While there is not as much variety as other hair removal methods, there are hair removal creams for sensitive skin, coarse hair, and other types of skin. It can be done anywhere and does not require an aesthetician or licensed professional.


CONS: While the cream is skin-safe, it still contains chemicals that shouldn’t stay on the skin longer than recommended. You need to follow the directions on the package strictly to avoid any burns or complications. Additionally, these creams tend to have a strong chemical odor.


  1. Epilator


Epilators are notoriously more painful than any other hair removal options on the market. While they have a bad reputation for being painful, they do produce amazing results. An epilator is a device that plucks individual hairs from the root with mechanically-operated tweezers. This method can take a while to complete, but it produces results that last longer than shaving.


PROS: Epilating has long-lasting results, similar to those of waxing or sugaring, since it gets the hair directly from the root. They can be used either on wet or dry skin, and can be used at home.


CONS: This method of hair removal is known to be pretty painful. It can also be a little time-consuming as you are removing the hairs one by one. If you can look past that, it does offer great results at home that last.


Last but not least…


  1. IPL Hair Removal


The most long-term, cost-effective, and professional way to remove hair: Intense Pulsed Light. This new at-home method of hair removal has risen in popularity due to how easy, painless, and effective it is. IPL – Intense Pulse Light – works over time so you should not rely on this for immediate results. IPL works by targeting melanin in the hair in order to prevent future hair growth from occurring. This pain-free treatment stops the growth of unwanted hair without ingrown hairs, redness, or any other side effects of at-home hair removal methods.


IPL technology like that found in the Infinity or the Flash&Go Pro hair removal devices are a simple, irritation-free, at-home hair removal method that will leave skin feeling smooth & soft.




PROS: IPL machines are painless and easy-to-use. They are sold commercially so you can do your own treatments at home, as well. It is suitable for many different hair colours and skin types, and leaves the skin feeling soft and supple. Unlike other hair removal methods, IPL reduces irritation and ingrown hairs. This is also seen as an investment. While IPL is obviously more expensive than razors, the results are permanent. After a certain number of uses, you will no longer need to remove hair in that area. Spending a bit more money on IPL is worth it for indefinite results.


CONS: Because IPL targets the melanin in the hair, very light hair can be missed sometimes. Time is required to achieve maximum results (not instant), so advance planning is required.


So, which method of hair removal is best for you? Before making up your mind, ask yourself a few questions first.


  1. How much money am I willing to spend on hair removal?
  2. How much time can I commit to hair removal?
  3. How advanced would I like my hair removal routine to be?
  4. Would I like to go to a professional or do it from home?
  5. Do I have any previous issues with sensitive skin, irritated skin, or any other skin conditions that might affect hair removal?


Once these have been asked, you can then look back up to the list above and find the solution that works for you. Shaving is the most common, but it can leave your skin with ingrown hairs or razor bumps. Waxing and sugaring are also popular and they leave your skin smooth and hair-free for up to six weeks, but they can be dangerous and should be done by an aesthetician or other professional. Hair removal creams are effective, but are full of chemicals that you need to consider before applying to your own skin. Epilators take a little longer and are known to be painful, but they offer long-lasting results. Lastly, IPL can be expensive but can offer life-long results.


Hair removal is a hot topic in today’s society, with many people choosing to just go au naturelle to fight beauty standards. However, lots of people still remove hair for personal and hygienic reasons. Whatever your stance on hair removal, there are tons of options out there. Being educated about all the options is the best way to determine whether or not it is something you want to commit to.

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