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Best Leg Hair Removal Treatment Methods

Best Leg Hair Removal Treatment Methods


The snow has melted, and summer will be here before you know it! If you plan on hitting the town or heading to the beach for some serious fun this summer, there’s no better time than today to get rid of any unwanted leg hair. To help with this, you’ll want to consider the new Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device as it is one of the best leg hair removal devices on the market.

Now, you might be thinking that your current leg hair removal treatment regimen works just fine. But when you break it down, investing in a Silk’n device will save you money, time and frustration in the long-run, and that’s in addition to the smooth, beautiful hair-free legs you’ll be enjoying. But first, let’s go over some typical leg hair removal methods most of us have used in the past.

Common Leg Hair Removal Treatments  

We all know about shaving - everyone has been there, done that. No one enjoys the endless razor burns, nicks and cuts, not to mention the never-ending cost of replacement razor blades, which aren’t inexpensive these days!

You can always wax your legs to get yourself hair-free, but applying hot wax to your legs and then using strips to rip the hair isn’t exactly fun. For most people, waxing brings a lot of pain and redness on the way to delivering hair free legs. Waxing, as we all know, isn’t a permanent leg hair removal solution, so you’ll be performing treatments every 4-6 weeks (forever). As with replacement razors, this means you’re stuck with ongoing costs of supplies, wax, strips, sticks, etc…

Sugaring is another common leg hair removal method that eats up your time and money. This method entails mixing sugar, lemon and water into a paste. This is then applied to your skin against the grain of your hair growth and then flicked off in the direction of your hair’s natural growth pattern.

Sugaring advocates contend that it is “less” painful than waxing, but this is another method that will require many visits to a specialized practitioner, with leg hair removal treatments lasting anywhere from 2-10 weeks.

Of course, sugaring can be done at home. But be prepared for an annoying mess. Finding the right consistency of sugaring paste is not an exact science, and you have to get it right, so you don’t wind up just irritating your skin. If you do go to a salon, do your homework. Not all salons adhere to the same standards, so shop around and read reviews. A leg hair removal session in a low-quality salon can become a harrowing experience. An unsanitary salon or equipment could leave you with a skin infection.

Meet the Silk’n Infinity

If you are tired of endless trips to the waxing or sugaring salon, along with thousands of dollars wasted in a fruitless (and often painful) quest for beautiful, supple and hair-free legs, fear not - there is a much better hair removal solution. The Silk’n Infinity hair removal device – it’s one the best hair removal treatment systems currently available.  Let’s look at why this hair removal device works so well, and why it’s garnering so much attention.

Silk’n Infinity - What It Is

In short, the Silk’n Infinity is a hair removal device that uses both Home Pulsed Light Technology (HPL) and galvanic energy. The Infinity delivers unparalleled results to those with a variety of skin and hair colours who seek beautiful, hairless legs.

Here are the Infinity’s features and benefits:

  • Easy, convenient and pain-free at-home hair removal treatment
  • Works for many types of skin and hair color
  • Skin will be soft, smooth and elastic after treatment
  • You will never need replacement cartridges
  • Pulse and Glide modes to target different skin areas
  • Five power settings to use at your discretion
  • Quartz bulb allows for quick pulses and quicker reloading


silk'n infinity hair removal device


How the Infinity Works

The Infinity uses proprietary and patented technology to deliver the safest and longest-lasting leg hair removal.

With its Quartz bulb, the Infinity delivers an optical light pulse when turned on and pressed to the skin. The light turns to heat, saturating the hair follicle and eventually destroying it so the hair doesn’t grow back. At the same time, Infinity’s galvanic energy gently opens up skin pores, making it easier to zap those deep-rooted, unwanted hairs while also reinvigorating the skin and making it more amenable to moisture.

The Quartz bulb doesn’t just heat up those troublesome hair follicles. It ensures quicker reloading than any other comparable device on the market. This means your Infinity will provide more pulses to your skin in a shorter amount of time, resulting in a quick, gentle and effective leg hair removal process. The Infinity contains a lifetime of pulses in it, which means you’ll never have to worry about buying replacement cartridges.

The Infinity also features Pulse and Glide functions. The Pulse function is best suited for treating small areas, such as removing facial hair, like fine upper lip, cheek and chin hairs. Using the pulse mode is easy; just press the device against the spot you want to treat. After every pulse, remove the Infinity and press it onto the next treatment spot, working in rows.

With each successive leg hair removal treatment, the number of hairs on your legs will decrease. Of course, every person is different, requiring some people to need more treatment sessions than others.

Who Is the Infinity Hair Removal Device For?

The Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device can be used by most men and women. It can be used to remove unwanted body hair from your legs, face (below the cheekbones only), arms, underarms, bikini lines and the back.

As with any light-based hair removal device, the Infinity will provide best results with lighter skin tones and darker hair, however it provides the best flexibility of any light based device for darker skin tones. This device has a built-in skin sensor that can detect darker skin. If the skin is too dark, the Infinity will shut itself off, thereby avoiding skin damage. 

If you have questions about whether the Infinity will work on your particular skin tone and hair type, refer to the How it Works tab on the product details page, or chat with one of our customer service reps, toll-free at: 1-877-367-4556, Monday to Friday 9am 6pm EST, we’re here to help!

Infinity Leg Hair Removal Treatment Process

For best results, it is critical to follow the instructions for the Silk’n Infinity Hair Removal Device.

  1. Be sure to shave your legs first, then dry them off.
  2. Cover any areas you don’t want to treat.
  3. With the Infinity plugged in, press the control button. The green light, which indicates “ready” and also acts as a skin tone warning indicator, will activate. For safety, always begin at Energy level 1.
  4. Press the Infinity against your skin. Make sure your hand touches the unit’s base in order to deliver galvanic energy, while pressing the pulse button simultaneously.
  5. The Infinity determines if your skin tone is safe to be treated. If so, the device will bring a spurt of galvanic energy to the skin, you may feel a tingle as it opens your pores and exposes the hair follicle. The Infinity then zaps the follicle by pulsing a bright light onto the skin, accompanied by a pop, and your skin will feel warm. The device will then recharge, and the green indicator light will darken. Once recharged, which only takes a moment, the light will be green again.
  6. Now, select either pulsing, which involves successively moving the Infinity to a bordering area of skin after each pulse, or gliding, where you hold the device against your leg and slowly glide it over the area you want to treat. Whichever mode you use, keep pulsing or gliding until you have covered the area (in this case, your legs) you want hair-free.
  7. Once finished, moisturize your legs. The Infinity’s galvanic energy opens your pores, allowing them to hold more moisture. Your legs will feel soft and smooth.


Infinity Treatment Plans

If you plan on using the Infinity to achieve the best leg hair removal treatment possible, you’ll need to follow a precise hair removal treatment program with multiple treatments to get the results you want.

During a normal hair cycle, you’ll want to do the first four treatments once every two weeks. The following three treatments should then be done once a month. Any additional treatments can be done as needed, until you are happy with your leg hair treatment results.

Energy Levels and Safety

As mentioned above, when you embark upon your hair removal treatment, always begin with the Infinity’s energy level at 1. This energy level controls the amount of light projected onto your skin. While using the device at higher levels will speed up the hair removal process, it also increases the possibility of complications.

So, before you start, thoroughly read your device’s instruction manual and always put safety first. With a little bit of patience, you’ll achieve those gorgeous, shiny legs in no time.

Leg Hair Removal at Its Best

If you are serious about giving yourself (or a friend or loved one) the best leg hair removal treatment, look no further. The Infinity uses patented technology that has satisfied millions of customers worldwide.

Feel free to check out our other hair removal devices and see which one will work best for you. Also, take a look at our Resource Centre to help answer all your skin care needs!



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