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5 Cool Skincare Gadgets You Need to Try

5 Cool Skincare Gadgets You Need to Try

Skin ages naturally and trying to slow or reverse the appearance of aging requires some intervention. For decades, people have been searching and investing in tools and gadgets, ranging from tweezers to moisturizers, to create skincare routines that actually works.

Technology has evolved skincare in exciting and often unprecedented ways. It has created a market of devices that allow people to care for their skin in the privacy of their home while paying less for grooming or aesthetic services every month.

How do you decide which gadget to buy? There are hundreds available, each promising the same exceptional results. Many, though, seem more like exercises in marketing than devices engineered to make skin look and feel younger.

To help you, we’re going to introduce you to a few gadgets that can help you achieve the skin you desire. They are safe, affordable and offer intriguing features. These include two revolutionary Silk’n at home use devices, the Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting device, and the Infinity Hair Removal Device.

Technology as a Trend

Technology is a broad term but it generally refers to the application of science for practical purposes. It includes machinery, equipment and engineering. Skincare has experienced its share of technological advancement. Even a rudimentary study of the evolution of moisturizers shows how the application of science can improve products. They were originally made with lard and now contain free radicals and retinol—quite an evolution.

Technology isn’t a fad with respect to skincare. It’s the present and the future. It allows for quicker treatments, more safety features and greater affordability. Another important factor is that different skin types or people with sensitivities to popular over-the-counter products can receive treatment from a device.

What Makes a Gadget Worth Trying?

A good gadget doesn’t just dazzle with bright colours and features. You need to look at how the application of science improves upon an existing tool or treatment.  

Here there are a few things we always look for:

  • Value: Does the cost equate to the value the item offers?
  • Convenience: Does it fit comfortably into your lifestyle? For example, busy people need devices that offer quick treatments whereas people who travel a lot might want something compact.
  • Durability: Is the device built to last? If not, it might make sense to look at higher-end items so you’re not throwing money into a health & beauty pit.
  • Usability: Is the device intuitive and easy to use? You can glean this information by reviewing user manuals or by perusing customer reviews.

Now that you have a better idea of what makes a gadget worthwhile, it’s time to discover some advanced ones that leverage relevant science and check the boxes that are important to you.

Three Cool Gadgets

Here are three gadgets that are readily available and can contribute to your skincare regimen. If considering them, we urge you to review product information and even consult with your dermatologist to make sure it’s safe for your skin.


skincare for man

SpectraLite FaceWare Pro

This face mask by Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare uses LED technology to treat fine lines, wrinkles and acne by stimulating collagen production and reducing inflammation. Treatments are simple to perform and only take 3 minutes per day.

You only need to use the FaceWare Pro once a day. Each setting of this universal-fit full-face model allows you to treat the signs of aging and acne. This innovative and adjustable mask rests comfortably on your face while it actively targets blemishes. A fully charged device gives you 30 minutes of treatments, which is about 10 uses.

This medical-grade mask is FDA approved and won’t harm your skin in any way. It combines 62 blue LED light, known for fighting acne, with 100 red LED lights, proven to heal skin.

Best of all, there’s no downtime. This means you can treat right before bed or first thing in the morning without interruption to your day. You should see improved skin within two weeks and will notice a reduction in future acne breakouts.


skincare for antiaging

GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool

Microneedling can improve the appearance of scars and blemishes while also promoting collagen production. It’s minimally-invasive and has been in widespread use for over two decades. This skincare process might sound harsh as it inserts tiny needles into the skin but it’s more of a pin-prick sensation than actual pain so don’t worry.

The GloPRO Microneedling Regeneration Tool gently and painlessly separates skin cells, opening up micro-channels. This triggers skin’s innate response to regenerate. New skin cells are bouncier and healthier and skin looks and feels considerably younger. A session should only take about one minute and skin doesn’t need time to recover. This regeneration tool is known to improve absorption making it a smart pairing with skin creams and moisturizers.

Microneedling makes skin look fresher and more plump and returns a pinkish glow to treated areas. Some of skin’s newfound radiance is artificial, caused by inflammation, but it has been known to produce long-term results because of its penchant for collagen boosting.


antiaging skincare for women

Nurse Jamie UpLift Body

Here is a unique gadget that complements other skincare devices. The Nurse Jamie UpLift Body features a dual-headed “Y-Shape” with 48 massaging stones. It works on all body areas and feels great on one’s face or neck. It emits high-frequency sonic vibrations to temporarily lift and firm skin.

The UpLift Body helps users achieve more vibrant and radiant skin. The vibrating pulses help eliminate fine lines while improving skin tone. It’s completely safe so feel free to use it on your thighs, arms and abdomen or even gently along your jaw.



Silk’n Devices

Silk’n has two devices that have produced results for millions of people around the world.

1.) The Titan Skin Tightening and Lifting Device

The Titan is an anti-aging device that reduces wrinkles and lifts facial contours via harmonized energy. By safely penetrating skin, users can strengthen collagen and elastin fibers giving way to firmer skin with less blemishes. It activates the body’s natural restoration ability to tighten skin and smooth lines around the eyes.


silkn titan

By undergoing treatment with the Titan, you can:

  • Improve the structure and elasticity of skin.
  • Reduce superficial spots caused by sun or age.
  • Strengthens the layers of skin.

Learn more about the Titan anti-aging device today and see if it might be of use in your skin care regimen.


2.) The Infinity Hair Removal Device

The Infinity at home hair removal device features state-of-the-art technologies to further marginalize antiquated and painful hair removal methods like plucking and waxing. This device pulses light to permanently remove hair from target areas.


silk'n infinity hair removal device


It uses galvanic energy to open pores, allowing Home Pulsed Light to treat stubborn hair at the root. The addition of galvanic energy makes this an upgrade to other devices on the market and ensures that a user doesn’t experience stubble or ingrown hairs. It was built with a quartz bulb to allow the device to reload faster, which truncates session duration and leads to skin that is supple.

Learn more about the Infinity at home hair removal device today and see if it’s something you can incorporate into your hair removal regimen.


Discover Silk’n Today!

If you have felt stuck by more traditional skincare methods, then maybe it’s time to adopt some cool gadgets that can help evolve your daily routine. These devices are tried and tested and can help slow the aging process. You just need to find those that work for your skin and lifestyle.

Learn more about Silk'n anti-aging and hair removal devices today. Visit the Resource Centre to learn more about anti aging and how you can help slow down the sands of time, or for more insight into how Silk’n hair removal devices work, and how you can start to have silky smooth hair free skin in as little as 8 weeks!

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