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Shoppers Guide For The Best In Canadian Beauty Brands

Shoppers Guide For The Best In Canadian Beauty Brands

Exploring Canada’s Hottest and Most Innovative Beauty Brands

Canadian entrepreneurs are leading the way in creating amazing beauty products that truly stand apart from the rest. If you’re looking for exciting new skin care, nutrition, hair care, health, and wellness products to try, then you’ve come to the right place. We’ve curated a list of essential Canadian beauty brands that are shaking up the status quo and turning heads.

A trip down the beauty aisle at any department store or pharmacy presents you with enough brands, products, colours, and scents to make your head spin. There are countless options on the shelves, shipped from every corner of the globe to compete for your attention, but more and more shoppers are looking to get their top-quality beauty products from Canadian companies.

Fortunately, there are many incredible companies based right here in Canada that are creating some of the finest and most innovative beauty products, and we’ve gathered up a list of trend-setting Canadian beauty brands that you absolutely need to know about. We’ve discovered exciting brands in skin and hair care, cosmetics, health and nutrition, and general wellness that are all Canadian-based and have fascinating stories that we can really get behind. Now, let’s get started!


Veriphy Skincare -

These days it’s more important than ever to be responsible to the world we live in, and the founders of Veriphy Skincare took this to heart when creating their forward-thinking and sustainable beauty brand. Featuring a diverse collection of natural and 100% cruelty-free cleansers, moisturizers, serums, toners, and skin treatments, all Veriphy products are conceived, developed, and manufactured right here in Canada with sustainable practices and responsibly sourced packaging materials. Veriphy’s mission, aside from producing the finest skin care products, is to maintain a firm commitment to the environment and to support programs encouraging women to pursue STEM fields of study.



Inspired by founder Michelle’s mother, Ella, who was lost to cancer, and committed to promoting wellness and sustainable practices, ELLA i SKiN offers a collection of premium luxury skin care and beauty products using organic formulas and only the finest ingredients. Offering toners, creams, exfoliants, masks, eye treatments, and more, with formulas for all skin types, including dry skin, sensitive skin, acne-prone skin, and others. Based in Kingston, Ontario, this passionate brand follows through on their promise of eco-friendly practices with recyclable containers, organic ingredients sourced locally and manufactured in Canada, no single-use cardboard packaging, and animal-friendly cruelty-free product research and development.


Bite Beauty -

With a driving need to provide the best in clean-beauty cosmetics products featuring bold colours and top-quality natural ingredients, Bite Beauty is one of the hottest beauty brands in Canada. All Bite Beauty cosmetics are formulated to make your skin feel as good as it will look, with infusions of nutrients sourced from superfoods like acai, pomegranate, coconut, agave, and many others. These ingredients are rich in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other things your skin needs to stay healthy, resilient, and beautiful. Bite Beauty is on a mission to do ‘clean beauty’ their own way, with inclusive shades and satisfying textures that are different from other cosmetics beauty brands.


Consonant Skin Care -

If you’ve been feeling locked in to the same old skin care routine, Toronto-based beauty brand Consonant aims to help you break free with their line of facial care, body care, and skin treatments. With a philosophy deeply ingrained into their business, Consonant believes that the skin care products you buy should deliver on their promises, that caring for your skin is caring for yourself, and that your skin care routine should work with your real life, not the other way around. With a wide range of cleansers, lotions, moisturizers, treatments, and more, Consonant is sure to have a wonderful selection of products for any skin concern to nourish, rejuvenate, and restore with gentle, effective formulas that really work.


Sahajan -

Blending modern skin care with thousands of years of life science, the one-of-a-kind Canadian beauty brand Sahajan bases its line of natural products on the ancient practice known as ‘Ayurveda’. This Sanskrit word for ‘the science of life’ is literally how founder Lisa Mattam’s skincare brand approaches everything it does. Each formula for skin care, lip care, hair care, body care, and eye care is created to nourish the skin and repair damage caused by external, internal, and environmental stressors that take their toll on our bodies and minds every day. Clean beauty products from Sahajan will leave your skin feeling vibrant and healthy, and soothe the mind and soul, too.



What do you do when none of the existing cosmetics products on the market can deliver the makeup experience that you really want? Well, if you’re the Canadian mother-and-daughters team of Jenny, Ally, and Taylor Frankel, you make your own line of cosmetics that does. Founded with the ideas that clean is better, simple is better, and easy is better, NUDESTIX offers a unique collection of innovative ‘makeup crayons’ that are designed to accentuate your natural beauty and let it shine through, not cover it up with heavy, stifling layers. NUDESTIX products are enriched with ingredients that your skin craves, like antioxidants and naturally derived moisturizers. NUDESTIX is definitely a Canadian brand that’s shaking up the beauty industry with a cosmetic experience unlike any other.


Province Apothecary -

Born from a belief that there’s a better, more natural way to create skin care products that help alleviate eczema and won’t aggravate sensitive skin and those with allergies, Province Apothecary has grown to become one of the foremost holistic skin care brands in Canada. Founder Julie Clark started mixing original skin care formulas from natural ingredients, essential oils, herbs, and waxes in her very own home, resulting in formulas that helped people obtain glowing, radiant, healthy skin. Unlocking the power of holistic medicine and plant-based ingredients, and committed to ethical and sustainable sourcing, Provide Apothecary is bringing amazing skin care products to Canadians in a responsible and ecologically friendly way.


Up North Naturals -

Some types of curly hair can be a real challenge, especially since many of the hair care products available are just not formulated to work with the unique characteristics of curls. To solve this problem, Toronto entrepreneur Lisa Keizer took it upon herself to create the best curly-hair-specific collection of hair care products that use natural ingredients, are free of harsh chemicals, and leave curly hair healthy, beautiful, and easier to manage. Their line of styling products, conditioners, and cleansers make it a snap to follow a simple routine for all types of naturally curly hair. If you’ve been looking for the right brand that knows what curly hair is all about, look no further than Up North Naturals.


Graydon -

If anyone knows how much of a difference proper nutrition can make to how you feel and how you look, it’s Canadian entrepreneur Graydon Moffatt. As a vegan chef, and with a long history of expertise in the field of holistic wellness, Graydon was compelled to start her own company and create a line of beauty products formulated using all-natural ingredients and superfood nutrients for strong, healthy, and beautiful skin and hair. All Graydon skin and hair care products are dermatologically and clinically tested, vegan, cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and gentle. Give your skin the nourishment it needs and treat your hair to a delightful experience while supporting an ethical, sustainable and eco-friendly Canadian business.



Few beauty brands are as instantly recognizable as the famous Canadian-born LUSH Fresh Handmade Cosmetics. With the most vibrant colours you’ve ever laid eyes on and invigorating scents that will delight your senses, LUSH products are completely unique, in every way. If you’ve never experienced one of their famous bath bombs, you’ve got to head over to their online store or one of their retail locations right now. Trust us! Each product is hand-made, hand-packed, and hand-labeled by a passionate LUSH team member who embodies the company’s philosophy. Ethical buying practices, sustainably-sourced materials, natural ingredients, and cruelty-free testing are core beliefs that are rooted in the very origins of LUSH. In addition, LUSH openly supports a wide variety of important social justice movements, and actively works to make the world a better place for all of us.


Pivot Skincare -

Dry Canadian winters led Cindy Berg to see that there was need for a new skin care product that would help keep her dermatology clients’ skin feeling soft, smooth, and healthy, all year long. Off-the-shelf products just didn’t have the right mix of natural ingredients and effectiveness, so she took it upon herself to develop a unique formula of plant-based oils that works to nourish and rejuvenate even the driest skin. Pivot Skincare is the family-founded business that was created when Cindy and her three daughters, Emily, Sophie and Emma teamed up to bring this amazing plant-based skin oil to Canadians from coast to coast. All Pivot Skincare products are made in Toronto, Ontario, using materials and ingredients responsibly and ethically sourced right from vendors found in the local area.


Cheekbone Beauty -

One of the true shining stars of Canadian beauty businesses, Cheekbone Beauty was founded in the city of St. Catharines, Ontario by Jenn Harper in 2016. Cheekbone has the distinction of being Indigenous-owned and founded and is dedicated to bringing the values and beliefs of the Anishinaabe culture to the forefront of the beauty and cosmetics industry in Canada. Cheekbone’s cosmetics products are designed for the lowest possible environmental footprint, and to provide an unequaled beauty experience across their selection of premium lip, eye, and face cosmetics. The company is also fiercely dedicated to improving the lives of Indigenous people across Canada with educational initiatives, fundraising efforts, and awareness campaigns that are helping to bring greater attention to these important issues.


Support These Canadian Beauty Brands & Other Local Health & Wellness Entrepreneurs

We encourage all to take a moment and rethink the beauty and wellness products you buy and where they come from. With so many incredible Canadian-owned and operated businesses to discover, it’s hard to think of a reason not to make an effort to support these local entrepreneurs as they work tirelessly to create top-quality products in sustainable and ethical ways, all while giving back to the communities they call home.

Also, we certainly hope that this article has inspired you to explore this wide variety of amazing beauty and wellness products that are made by proud Canadian companies and seek out some of the many others that are making a positive impact in the world. In closing, we at Silk’n wish you all the best in health, beauty, and wellness!

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