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Compare Silk’n Flash&Go Devices

Compare Silk’n Flash&Go Devices

If you are looking into buying a Flash&Go, but you are having a hard time deciding which hair removal device is best for you, we are here to help! Silk’n is constantly innovating and updating products to ensure the best possible experience for the user. Over the years, Silk’n has released 4 different Flash&Go devices. Although all devices use the same revolutionary HPL technology, they differ in amount of pulses, size of device, and price. Keep reading to compare Silk’n Flash&Go devices and decide which one best suits your needs!

1- Flash&Go 5k

The Flash&Go 5k was the first device in the Flash&Go family! It brought a new ergonomic design to make treatments a better experience. The original Flash&Go comes with 5,000 pulses. Since most users will require more than 5,000 pulses to get great results with the device, refill cartridges can be purchased. Refill cartridges come with 1,000 pulses each, and are $24.99 a piece. Also available is a Long Life Upgrade Kit, which contains 120,000 pulses and is available for $99. Purchasing the Long Life Upgrade Kit will ensure you never have to buy a cartridge again!

The original Flash&Go is great for individuals who want to purchase a hair removal device, but are on a budget. The up-front cost is less than other devices and small purchases of $24.99 can be made every so often for cartridge refills.

Compare Silk’n Flash&Go Devices

2- Flash&Go Luxx

The Flash&Go Luxx looks very similar to the Flash&Go 5k. It features the same innovative, ergonomic design. It is blue in color. The Flash&Go Luxx provides the user with 120,000 pulses. 120,000 pulses is enough for a lifetime of use for an average user. The amount of pulses makes it great for all areas of the body, both big and small. The Flash&Go Luxx has a price tag of $289.

At $289, the price of the Luxx is higher than the original Flash&Go. The premium price reflects the additional pulses provided by the device. The Luxx is great for users who want to use a hair removal device on many parts of their body (face, underarms, arms, legs, bikini line) and don’t mind the upfront cost.

Difference between Silk’n Flash&Go Devices

3- Flash&Go Compact

The Flash&Go Compact is the newest addition to the Flash&Go family! We have upgraded the design to make it even more ergonomic and extremely travel-friendly. The device is much smaller than the above Flash&Go devices, making it easier to hold. The Flash&Go Compact comes with 150,000 pulses, which is more than the two hair removal devices above combined! 150,000 pulses is enough for a lifetime of treatments for any user, meaning refill purchases aren’t necessary! At just $249, it’s a steal of a deal.

The Flash&Go Compact is great for those who want the newest and most innovative design. It is great for girls on the go, as it can easily fit into a purse or carry on. The Compact offers an amazing value for the amount of pulses it provides, making it great for people on a budget as well!

Compare Silk’n Flash&Go Devices

4- Flash&Go Express

The Flash&Go Express looks similar to the Compact. It has the same design but differs in color. The Flash&Go Express is purple. The Express is the best of the best. It comes with 300,000 pulses. That is enough pulses for two individuals to treat their entire bodies! The Flash&Go Express has a unique feature that the other hair removal devices do not. It features a gliding mode, which enables the device to emit evenly spaced pulses if the trigger is held down by the user. Using this feature can make treatments up to two times faster!

The Express is great for those who are looking for the ultimate hair removal device. The gliding feature is unique to the device. It contains twice as many pulses as the compact, and it comes with a price tag of just $299! The price tag makes it the best value for the amount of pulses and features the Express contains.

Difference between ipl devices

When making your decision, keep in mind that all Flash&Go devices use the same HPL technology that has been clinically tested, FDA-approved, and proven to work! We hope this breakdown has made it easy for you to compare Silk’n Flash&Go devices and pick the one that suits your needs best!

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