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Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day Sale

Father’s Day is coming up, and we know how hard it can be to find unique gifts for the Father in your life. We are here to help with that problem! We know our products are traditionally thought of for women. But many of our tools have been enjoyed by well-groomed men. If your husband or dad is someone who prides himself in that area, he will LOVE a Silk’n device. The best part is that most of our devices are easily shareable, so you can enjoy them just as much as your man. Keep reading to find out how much you can save on the top Silk’n tools during the Father’s Day Sale!

1- The Flash&Go Compact

The Flash&Go Compact is the newest hair removal device available on It is no secret that manscaping is a popular trend, and we have a way to make it much more convenient! The Flash&Go compact can rid your man’s back of unsightly hair, leaving it soft and smooth. If you are the person who helps your man shave his back, this is definitely a win-win situation! Just 8 treatments and your man will be on his way to a hair-free back!

Father’s Day Sale

The Flash&Go Compact is also perfect for swimmers, cyclists, and men who are active in figure and fitness competitions. Since these sports require a hair-free body for performance purposes, the hair removal device can eliminate wasted time shaving before races and competitions. 

2- The FaceFX 

Anti-aging is something that is important to nearly every adult, regardless of gender. They have expensive creams and serums formulated specifically for women as well as men. The great thing about the FaceFX anti-aging device is that it works for both. Lots of men are unhappy with the increased fine lines, wrinkles, and bags under their eyes as they grow older. The FaceFX is an easy way to reverse those aging signs as well as prevent them from occurring in the future.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

It works using dermatologist-recommended red light therapy. A combination of fractional red light and dermal heating helps to stimulate collagen production. Over time, this helps to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve overall complexion. He can use this along with his regular moisturizer or cream. Treatments are short and simple, perfect for a guy with a limited attention span! Save $22 dollars when you buy the FaceFX during the Father’s Day Sale.

3- The Pedi

It’s time we all talk about man feet. Typically, they need some serious TLC! For some reason, men insist on wearing shoes and boots all winter long, then switching to flip flops as soon as the weather is nice. The problem with this is that the winter wear and tear can leave feet dry and callused. If your guy’s feet leave something to be desired during the summer season, the Pedi is a perfect gift.

Father’s Day Gift Ideas

The Pedi uses rollers to gently slough off rough, callused skin. The result is smooth skin that is definitely sandal appropriate! As women, we know that pedicures can be one of the best things in the world. How many times has your man given you a gift card to the salon for a gift? It’s time to return the favor. Your man will definitely appreciate a personal pedicure! 

Don’t let us fool you—The Father’s Day Sale is just as much about YOU as it is the Father in your life.  We recommend grabbing yourself something from our site as you shop for your husband or father!

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