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Making the Most of IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

Making the Most of IPL Permanent Hair Removal Treatments

Tips and Advice to Maximize the Effects of IPL Hair Removal Treatments

If you’re ready to say goodbye to razors, wax strips, and other temporary hair removal methods in favour of IPL to achieve permanent results, then this article has the info you need to start off right. Here, you’ll find guidance on how to increase the effectiveness of your hair removal treatments and ensure that you achieve the beautiful hair-free skin you’re after.

If you calculated all the time you spent on hair removal over the years, the number would undoubtedly be surprising. Sure, it may only be 5 or 10 minutes at a time, but when you figure that it probably happens at least a few times a week, every week, for years and years, it adds up fast. Plus, that doesn’t even factor in the money spent on different types of hair removal products, and the time you spend browsing store aisles in search of your preferred brands. It’s no wonder that permanent hair removal methods like IPL are gaining so much popularity.

Every day, more and more people are switching to IPL and taking advantage of a better way to deal with unwanted hair. The biggest trouble with most other hair removal methods is that no matter how many times you do it, the hair just keeps coming back again and again. Methods such as shaving, waxing, epilators, and depilatory creams only affect the existing hair on the skin, and do absolutely nothing to prevent new hair from growing back. On the other hand, IPL works by directly affecting the growth of hair, which is how it’s able to produce permanent hair removal. Now, you might be asking yourself, ‘how exactly do these devices work to stop hair from growing?’. Fortunately, we’ve got the skinny on the science of how innovative IPL hair removal devices really work to stop hair from coming back.


How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

IPL stands for ‘intense pulsed light’, and it’s these light pulses that are the secret to IPL’s amazing success at removing hair and making sure it stays gone. You see, in order to stop hair from growing, you need to target the actual hair follicles within the skin, and not just the hair strands themselves. When the IPL device is placed on the skin, it emits a bright pulse of light. This light is absorbed by the pigment of the hairs on the treatment area, a process which converts the light energy into heat energy.

This heat energy then travels down to the base of the hair which is contained deep within the follicle in the skin. As this heat is transferred from the hair to the surrounding cells in the follicle, their ability to generate new hair becomes inhibited, slowing down the process of hair growth. With each successive treatment these effects build up, slowing down hair growth more and more until, eventually, hair stops growing on the treatment area altogether. That’s how IPL is able to produce permanent results, and why the other methods fall short.


Meet the Silk’n Infinity IPL Hair Removal Device

When it comes to IPL devices, the Silk’n Infinity has no equal. Designed to provide the most comfortable treatment experience and the shortest possible treatment times, the Infinity elevates IPL hair removal to a whole new level thanks to its unique combination of features. For starters, the Infinity comes with a light emitter bulb that is capable of producing over 400,000 individual light pulses. This means that you can perform an entire lifetime of treatments without ever needing to replace the bulb cartridge. It’s literally the last hair removal device you’ll ever need to buy.

It’s also important to note that laser hair removal devices and IPL hair removal devices are, by definition, not the same technology. Devices that use a true laser are often only capable of treating individuals who have a strong contrast between the tones of their skin and their hair, meaning they would need very light skin and very dark hair. This is because a laser uses only a single colour of light out of the entire visible spectrum in its beams. IPL is different because it uses the full spectrum of visible light in its pulses. This means that the light used in an IPL device is safer to use for achieving permanent hair removal results on a much broader range of hair and skin tones that other types of devices just can’t handle. In addition, the Infinity allows you to select from 5 different power intensity settings to completely personalize the treatments to match your specific hair and skin tone. Simply refer to the helpful reference chart included with your Infinity device to match your skin and hair combination to the correct energy level.

Furthermore, the Infinity enhances the treatments by incorporating a galvanic energy electrode on the surface of the device surrounding the light emitter. As the Infinity passes over the treatment area, the electrode emits galvanic energy onto the skin. This encourages the skin to boost circulation and pores to open wider, allowing the light pulses to penetrate more efficiently deep down into the follicles. This has the benefits of increasing the effectiveness of each treatment and producing a comforting effect on your skin.


Tips for Maximizing the Effectiveness of IPL Hair Removal Treatments

There are many things that you can do to help the process along and maximize the effect of each and every light pulse from your IPL device. Here are some of the best ways to get the most from your IPL hair removal treatments.


Stick to the Recommended Treatment Schedule

This may sound obvious, but sticking to the recommended schedule for your IPL treatments as detailed in your devices user guide will really help you achieve the best results in the least amount of time. Skipping a treatment or two may not seem like a big deal at the time, but it can potentially extend the total treatment cycle by weeks or more before you arrive at the final goal of 100% permanent hair removal. Life happens, there’s no question, but doing your best to stay on track with your treatments will get you to the finish line faster.


Prep Your Skin Properly Before IPL Treatments

While you’re going through the IPL treatment cycle, it will be important to prepare your skin before each treatment to get optimum effectiveness from the device. The ideal skin condition for IPL treatment is freshly shaved, cleaned and dry skin. Shaving is an important part of the prep process, as there must be a portion of hair inside the follicle to absorb the light from the pulses in order for the effects to take hold. Never wax, sugar, or pluck hairs from the area to be treated, as this can slow down your progress.


Keep the Skin Healthy & Hydrated

Healthy, well-nourished skin will respond more favourably to the IPL process than skin which is dry, cracked, or damaged. Be sure to moisturize regularly to keep your skin soft and supple, and maintain a healthy and balanced diet that’s rich in protein, healthy fats, and nutrients that boost skin health such as vitamin E, D, C, and K. Also, don’t underestimate the power of water. Staying hydrated keeps skin strong, resilient, and healthy, so do your best to drink plenty of water throughout the day to take advantage of these benefits.


Avoid and Minimize Sun Exposure

One thing that can set back progress on your IPL treatment schedule is delays caused by excessive sun exposure resulting in sunburns. If the skin has been exposed to significant UV rays and developed a sunburn, you should not perform IPL treatments on that area until it has fully recovered and healed from the effects. Unfortunately, sunburns can take a while to fade, so you may be waiting for several days or more before you can resume your treatments.

In addition, you’ll also want to take extra care to protect your skin from direct sun exposure after your treatments. Use a strong SPF sunscreen regularly, and wear light clothing over your treatment areas to block it from being exposed to the sun's UV rays. This will help keep you protected and comfortable when outside after an IPL treatment session. Protecting yourself from the sun is always a good idea, but certainly it is even more important when you’re undergoing permanent IPL hair removal treatments.


Get Started with IPL Hair Removal the Right Way & Achieve the Permanent Results You Want

Following these tips when you begin your permanent hair removal treatments will help you maximize the results you get from each session with your IPL device.

Of course, if you really want the best possible IPL hair removal experience, the Silk’n Infinity is the way to go. With its advanced technology and user-friendly features, the Infinity leads the way in permanent at-home hair removal. We’re confident that once you start using it, you’ll be amazed with how fast and easy it is to get the results you’ve always wanted.


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