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To Bleach or Not to Bleach: The Age-old Conundrum

To Bleach or Not to Bleach: The Age-old Conundrum

To Bleach, or Not to Bleach: That is the Question

Pitting Home Laser Hair Removal Against Bleach

Bleaching. It might turn your hair white, but it’s always been the black sheep of the hair removal family.

Bleaching doesn’t actually remove your face and body hair. It just hides it a little. Bleeds the colour away, as it were. The hair might fade into the background, being less noticeable, but it’s still there.

Since we’re the experts in home laser hair removal, we decided to investigate bleaching further. Why would anyone want to use a hair removal technique that doesn’t get rid of their hair?

Dive in with us as we look at the benefits and deficits of this old worldly art. We’ll find out what bleach is all about, what’s great about it, and what you need to watch out for.

Okay, ready? Here we go!

What is face and body hair bleach?

Bleach for face and body hair is a lot like bleach for the rest of your hair. If you’re a brunette who’s ever dyed your hair, you know first-hand what it's all about. You have to bleach out your natural colour before adding the new colour.

Well, this bleach is like that bleach. Without the dye at the end.

The goal is to take face and body hair that’s a little on the dark side and lighten it up so it blends into the background. In doing so, the hair’s natural colour is washed out. Post-treatment, the strands are white or off-white in colour. But not invisible.

The most common use for this type of bleach is on the upper lip. But it’s also often used on chins, arms, and chest hair.

You can get bleached by a professional in a salon, but there’s little need to. The learning curve on this technique is quite easy, saving you the expense of paying someone to do it for you.

Pro’s of using bleach

There are some definite benefits to bleaching your face and body hair.

  1. It’s super-fast

The best thing about bleaching at home is that it doesn’t take long. At all. Say you’re binge-watching a sitcom on Netflix. You can mix up a batch of bleach, apply it to your lip, let it sit, and wash it off in less time than it takes to watch an episode.

It might take a little longer to work on a larger area, but not much.

  1. It’s soooo simple

The learning curve on this one is not too steep. Not in the least. Read the instructions. Mix together your bleach mixture. And you’re all set.

If the directions are written in a language you can read, it’s hard to foresee any trouble at this stage of the game.

  1. It’s relatively painless

Since your hair’s not being removed, there’s little chance it will harm you when you bleach. We’ll cover all the bad stuff in a minute, of course. But there are no razors or tweezers or ripping wax to deal with. This makes bleaching a fairly pain-free procedure.

  1. Single treatments are inexpensive

Swing by the drugstore on the way home. You can likely pick up your first bleaching kit for a very reasonable price.

Con’s of using bleach

Are there potential downsides to bleaching? Unfortunately, yes.

  1. Your hair is still there

Most people entertain the idea of hair removal because they want that feeling of hair-free skin. Without that tactile experience, bleaching is little more than an illusion for some.

Also, under really bright light, bleach-lightened hair might actually stand out more. The sun may no longer be your friend.

  1. The costs add up over time

Although individual bleaching kits are relatively inexpensive, the effects are only temporary. And you’d be surprised how quickly you’ll need to do your next treatment.

It varies from person to person, of course. But most people feel the need to repeat bleach treatments every two to four weeks. Or roughly 13–26 times a year. Every year. For the rest of your life.

Grab your calculator and crunch the numbers on that one. It’s going to be way more than a decent home laser hair removal device would ever cost.

  1. Skin irritation

A major component of face and body hair bleach is the bleach. Sure, it’s not the same strength you’d use to make your whites their whitest. But it is still bleach.

You’re going to be sitting there for a while, maybe ten to fifteen minutes, waiting for this bleach to do its thing. In the meantime, it might also do this other thing bleach is known to do. Namely, irritate your skin.

If you’re at all sensitive to that sort of thing, bleaching may not be the way for you to go.

  1. Potential allergies

Good news! To make bleach gentler on your skin, the manufacturers mix in other ingredients. The bad news? Some people report allergic reactions as a result. If you have skin allergies, exercise constant vigilance. Always check the ingredients when buying something you intend to apply to your skin, especially the face.

  1. That chemical smell

Do you like the smell of bleach? Okay, face and body hair bleach doesn’t smell that strong, but you will have to sit with it for a while. And perhaps it’ll be right under your nose. Quite literally. Suffice to say there are those who don’t enjoy it.

  1. Covering that smell could irritate your eyes

To cover that smell, more additives are added. And some of them can make your eyes red and watery. If this happens to you, stop using it immediately.

If all the chemical risks worry you, there always the option to make your own home remedies.

  1. Your hair could become permanently discolored

There’s a remote chance that bleach can interfere with a hair follicle’s ability to add colour to hair. Having lighter hair is the whole goal, right? But what if you’re just trying it out, decide you don’t like it, and now you might be left with random white hairs?

  1. It’s not recommended for people with darker skin tones

Face and body hair bleach only looks like it turns your hair invisible. It actually just lightens it to white or an off-white colour. People with darker skin could make their unwanted hair more visible by bleaching and then defeating the whole purpose.

Also, there have been some cases where bleach has lightened someone’s skin. The results are only temporary. But still, that’s kind of scary.

How does bleach compare to a good at home laser hair removal device?

For starters, home laser hair removal actually removes hair. That’s something bleach can’t offer. And while bleach kits are much less expensive than a home laser hair removal device, those costs will start to add up. After a couple of years of bleaching, you could have bought a top-of-the-line laser device.

Next, ask yourself what your time is worth. Do you really want to bleach your lip every few weeks for the rest of your life? If you go with home laser treatment instead, you could be all done in as little as eight sessions.

Then, of course, there’s the issue of smell. And home laser hair removal devices are 100% odour-free. Always have been, always will be.

Which way to go?

So, whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of repeated bleaching, or to take arms against a sea of stubbles, and by a laser, end them. That is the conundrum that vexed us today. And in the end, what did we find?

Sorry to say it looks like bleach is a temporary quick-fix at best.

If you need to do treatments every few weeks, you should be doing home laser hair removal treatments. Then, after a few short months, you’d be done. For good.

Silk’n — the better solution

We can honestly say that home laser treatments are the best way to go for all your hair removal concerns.

Our line of home laser hair removal devices has something for everyone. If you’re serious about that unwanted hair, it’s time to show the world.

Go hair-free today — with Silk’n.

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