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Real Stories of IPL Hair Removal Success

Real Stories of IPL Hair Removal Success

There’s no better way to tell the story of Silk’n than to let our customers be heard in their own words!

All the great things you’ve heard about IPL hair removal really are true. IPL hair removal is easy, effective, comfortable, and permanent, and truly offers a complete solution that so many other hair removal methods just can’t deliver.  Not only do we have a stack of in-depth clinical studies on Silk’n IPL technology that demonstrate its effectiveness in a diverse array of testing circumstances, but hundreds of our customers have taken the time to write reviews and provide feedback regarding their experience (and success), using Silk’n devices. Each one of them started their hair removal treatments with different goals in mind, and each one of them was able to achieve the results they were expecting.

On that note, one thing you’ll immediately notice is just how diverse Silk’n users are in terms of their unique combinations of hair tones and skin tones. The reason such a varied range of users are able to achieve success using the same devices is due to how IPL technology uses a broad spectrum of light that can treat a wide range of skin and hair types, as well as the fact that Silk’n devices offer many levels of personalization for each user through adjustable energy settings.

It’s important for you to hear from actual customers about what their experiences have been like with Silk’n, so we’ve gathered a few reviews our customers have provided us, so you can hear for yourself what actual Silk’n users have to say!

Real-World Experiences with Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Devices

Emilia owns a Silk’n Infinity IPL hair removal device and has already experienced great results in her first couple of months of use. She uses it on several different areas, including her underarms, upper lip, chin, arms and legs. She says, “95% of my armpit hair is GONE! The hair on my arms reduced drastically, as well as on my upper lip and chin.” Results like Emilia’s are common among Silk’n users, and she even reports impressive hair reduction on her legs after just a short time. “I used it on my legs only once and I can already see a difference! IT WORKS.”

Another Infinity user, Kyrie, has two stories to tell, “So far, I have zapped 5 times and with each use my hair becomes finer, softer and slower growing.”, she says. Plus, Kyrie shares her Silk’n Infinity with her girlfriend, who has a different combination of hair and skin tones and yet has also seen great results. Kyrie adds, “My girlfriend uses my Silk’n device as well and her skin is much darker than mine, so it's great for diverse skin tones!”

Some users approach their IPL treatments with a little more skepticism, but even they end up impressed with what their Silk’n IPL hair removal device can achieve. Take Mindy for example. She had a hard time deciding between an at-home IPL solution or going to a professional clinic, but in the end opted to try at-home IPL first before spending the money on costly clinical treatments. She’s glad she did! Mindy says, “I loved my results. I have noticed great results on my underarms and legs.” After such success with her underarms and legs, Mindy’s plan is to start treating unwanted hairs on her chin, cheeks, and upper lips.

Although permanently smooth, hair-free skin is the main reason to choose IPL over other methods, another big benefit is the time you’ll save by not having to shave or wax anymore. This was one of the most important points for Karitores, who was done with shaving and wanted a better way to remove hair. “I have always wanted to save the time I used to spend on shaving. I never really liked to do it!”, says Karitores. As a student, free time was in short supply, and that’s when she decided to try Silk’n. “I felt that my dream came true!” she adds, “It is so simple to use this device and it’s results are so magical that I would definitely recommend it again and again!”

Video Testimonials from Actual Silk’n IPL Hair Removal Users

Some Silk’n users are so impressed with their results that they even agreed to take the extra time to appear on camera for us and tell their stories face-to-face. Cheyanne owns a Silk’n Flash&Go Express IPL hair removal device, and she had wonderful thoughts to share about her hair removal experiences with it!

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Many men also have great things to say about the excellent results that Silk’n IPL hair removal devices provide. Michael was happy to share his experiences with his Silk’n Flash&Go Express hair removal device!

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Even some of the most skeptical users end up becoming fierce Silk’n advocates after they see for themselves how well our devices work! Neveen will be the first to tell you this, along with her rave review of the amazing results that she was able to achieve on her stubborn unwanted hair with the Flash&Go Express device.

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This is just a small sample of the incredible feedback we receive all the time. There are plenty more amazing reviews available for all the different Silk’n IPL hair removal products, and we encourage you to check out more of our reviews on each of the individual product pages.

You might also want to check out our Video Gallery, where we have shared some interesting product demos and unboxings that will help you get a better sense of the Silk’n experience.

How Does IPL Hair Removal Work?

If you’re curious about the technology itself, and how IPL hair removal actually works to achieve permanent results so effectively, here is a brief overview video showing how to use the Silk’n Infinity.

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The Infinity truly is the next-generation of at-home IPL hair removal devices. Building on the proven technologies of light-based hair removal that were perfected in the Silk’n line of IPL devices, the Infinity was improved to include a ultra-long-life light emitter that is capable of delivering over 400,000 individual light pulses. This is more than enough for an entire lifetime of hair removal treatments!

In addition, the Silk’n Infinity was designed to incorporate the benefits of galvanic energy into your hair removal treatments. This energy is delivered to the skin of the treatment area via a special electrode built into the tip of the Infinity. As the device passes over the skin, the warming galvanic energy stimulates the skin, encouraging pores to open and increases circulation. This helps to allow each light pulse to penetrate deeper into the follicles and more effectively treat each hair, providing better results in less time.

Experience the Silk’n Difference Today!

As you can see, each and every Silk’n user had different goals when they started, and yet all of them were able to get the amazing hair removal results they’ve been dreaming of. Don’t you think it’s time that you had the same kind of experience?

With an at-home IPL device from Silk’n, you can easily, safely, and comfortably treat your skin and get those pesky unwanted hairs gone, permanently. Whether you’re tired of shaving your legs every couple of days or are fed up with the pain and hassle of waxing, you can rest assured that there is a better option out there waiting for you.

Reach your goal of permanent hair removal starting today with a Silk’n at-home IPL hair removal device!

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