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Hair Removal Products

Hair Removal Products

Hair removal products are those that aid in the removal of unwanted hair either temporarily or permanently. Silk’n™ is one of the simplest hair removal products today.

Hair removal products today are easy to use, time saving and fuss-free as compared to conventional methods and are usually a good value for money.

A large variety of hair removing products are available on the market and every product can seem very promising but when the time comes to make a selection, you need to be able to separate the truth from the hype.


  • Always go for a branded product as it will have better quality compared to others.
  • Choose your hair removal product according to the area on which hair is to be removed. A hair removal product, especially a device designed for the arms and legs can be harsh if used for removal of facial hair.
  • In case of sensitive skin, opt for hair removal products that are dermatologically tested for your for skin’s compatibility.




These are metal forceps used manually to pull out hair by the roots. These are the most economical of all hair removal products. It is recommended for small areas like eyebrows. It is time consuming and can be quite painful. Usage of tweezers can prolong hair growth relatively more than normal.



These are devices that act as electrical tweezers. These are ideal for removing hair from areas such as legs and arms. Not recommended for sensitive areas as it can be painful.


Depilatory products

These are chemical based hair removal products used to dissolve hair at the skin’s surface. These do not affect hair growth. Ideal for usage on hair on legs and pubic areas.


Electrical shavers

These are fast and inexpensive options of hair removal products. These devices involve the removal of the tapered tip of hair shaft and thus hair re-growth may be thick.


Hair growth inhibiting products

These hair removing products are retardants that act on the hair follicle, making it weaker on every application and eventually leading to zero hair growth. These are not ideal for coarse hair as it is difficult to treat and may take a very long time.


Waxing and sugaring products

These are kits consisting of warmed sugar solution and cotton or cellophane strips. A sugar solution paste is applied to the area for hair removal and then the cotton or cellophane strips are pressed on the paste and pulled away opposite to the hair growth. These may be painful but hair growth is delayed.


Electrolysis and laser machines

Electrolysis hair removal involves the use of electric current which destroys the hair root. Benefits of such hair removal products are that it is often permanent but has the disadvantages of being expensive and painful. Laser machines on the other hand are safer to use as it uses a light beam which penetrates the skin and acts on the hair follicle. It is less time consuming but repetitive treatments are necessary to remove hair completely. Among hair removal products, Silk’n™ ranks high on effectiveness, safety and comfort.

Removing unwanted hair at home is now simple with the availability of a wide range of hair removal products.

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