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Silk’n Hair Removal Timeline - Now for Summer

Silk’n Hair Removal Timeline - Now for Summer

Summer is just over the horizon, and that means getting outside and enjoying beach days, pool parties and steamy summer nights. Of course, we all want to look our best when the heat arrives, so now is the perfect opportunity to get rid of any pesky, unwanted body hair - for good! All it takes is a little planning and you’ll look your best when the warm weather hits.

If you want the best results possible, don’t waste your time and money on painful, messy and time-consuming home hair removal methods such as shaving, tweezing, waxing or sugaring. Silk'n Hair Removal Devices have become the go-to treatment tools for effortless and pain-free hair removal, plus they are designed for use in the comfort of your own home. Here’s a breakdown of the Silk’n line of home hair removal devices to choose from.


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Infinity Hair Removal Device

The Silk’n Infinity is the newest and most advanced in our line of superb hair removal devices. The Infinity combines Home Pulsed Light Technology with galvanic energy to bring customers the best hair removal program around, leaving you with beautiful, smooth and hair-free skin.

The Infinity delivers an optical light pulse to the skin, which heats the hair follicle. The hair absorbs this light, which works to destroy the follicle, so it doesn’t produce any more hair. The galvanic energy makes the optical light’s job easier, as it opens up your pores in order to allow the light to penetrate deep into the follicle. Galvanic energy also makes it easier for your pores to absorb moisture, making your skin extra soft.


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Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Device

The Silk’n Flash&Go Express is known for its quick reloading ability. This amazing home hair removal device is good for at least 300,000 pulses, which will last you a lifetime. The Express will leave you with silky-smooth skin without any bumps, irritation or redness. The Express is great for busy people with lots on the go.

The Express’ quick reload time ensures the device gives more pulses, which means a shorter treatment time for you. This device also has a custom glide mechanism, which allows for easy, continuous treatment without waiting for it to recharge after each pulse.


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Flash&Go Jewel Hair Removal Device

The adjustable Silk’n Flash&Go Jewel is designed to give you the best hair removal treatment for small, hard-to-reach areas, as well as any sensitive areas. Like the Express, the Jewel also uses Home Pulsed Technology to zap hair follicles with heat and destroy their ability to re-grow. The portable Jewel features a “touch and glide” mode, making hair removal a snap all over your body.


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Flash&Go Compact Hair Removal Device

The Flash&Go Compact is designed for travelers, as its small size makes it easy to carry in your suitcase, day pack or purse. Packed with 150,000 pulses, The Compact will provide years of treatments. This is especially useful when you’re in remote areas. The Compact is excellent for hair removal treatments for your legs, underarms and bikini line. You can use it on your face but be careful to only use it on areas below the cheekboneThe Compact is perfect for anyone who travels frequently!

Hair Removal Treatment Frequency

All of the Silk’n Hair Removal Devices have similar, but not totally exact, treatment plans. What they all will do is ensure you are hair-free on your schedule. If you want to look your best for the summer, it is best to give yourself between 8-12 weeks for a treatment plan to achieve best results. So, for example, if you set the middle of July as your hair-free goal, start your treatment plan no later than mid-May. Keep in mind that each person is different, and different skin and hair tones may vary in their response to treatment.

Infinity Hair Removal Treatment Plan

With the Infinity, you’ll want to schedule your first four treatments once every other week. After that, switch to once a month for the next three months. Once these two schedule blocks are completed, continue treatment only as necessary until you are happy with your results.

Flash&Go Express Hair Removal Treatment Plan

For your first four or five treatments, use the Express once every two weeks. After these first sessions, you’ll notice your hair in the treated areas will become thinner and lighter. If necessary, continue treating your targeted area once a month. Many users see excellent results between the six and eight-week mark, though this can be different depending on your skin and hair type.

Flash&Go Jewel Hair Removal Treatment Plan

For best results, give yourself between six and eight weeks for the Jewel to work its magic. For your first four sessions, apply treatment once every two weeks. For session five through seven, use the Jewel once a month. If you aren’t yet happy with your results, keep treating any problem areas until you are satisfied.

Flash&Go Compact Hair Removal Treatment Plan

For the first two months, use the Compact twice monthly. While results can vary from person to person, you may notice significant progress after this initial treatment period. If necessary, continue treatment on a monthly basis, or whenever you deem it necessary.

Hair Growth Cycle

With the right amount of planning, you will get a silky and hair-free body by summer with the proper use of a Silk’n home hair removal device. But since every person is different, results may vary. It is a good idea to put the Silk’n treatment plans into context by looking at the body’s overall hair growth cycle, which can be broken down into three distinct phases.

Anagen - Active Growth Phase

The Anagen phase, or “active” stage, is the time where your body hair grows the most. Cells multiply beneath the skin and create new hairs at the root. These new hairs then push out old hairs, and the cycle repeats itself. On your head, hairs are in this active growth stage for between two and six years. For the rest of your body, this active growth stage is much shorter - just 30-45 days. Silk’n Hair Removal Devices actively target hairs in this phase because they are connected to the follicle, which generates the growth. Once you kill the follicle, the hair stops growing.

Catagen - Transition Phase

The Catagen phase, or “transition” period, is when hair growth slows to a crawl, but the hair is still attached to the body. Only about three per cent of hairs fall into this category. Hairs in the transition period aren’t being fed by the follicle, so they are waiting to be pushed out of the body by new hairs growing in.

Telogen - Resting Phase

The Telogen phase is the final stage of the body’s hair growth cycle. Only about six to eight per cent of all hair falls into this phase. During this time, the follicle has stopped growing completely. The average person loses about 25-100 of these hairs every day.

Silk’n and the Hair Growth Cycle

When you are working towards a smooth, hair-free summer body, a plan and some patience are both key. As mentioned above, Silk’n devices target hairs in the active growth stage, as they are still connected to the follicle. Hairs not connected to the follicle but still attached to your body, as in stages two and three, aren’t affected by optical light treatment. This means each treatment won’t necessarily remove all the hairs you are targeting, as some hairs are in different growth phases. This is why it is important to follow your hair removal plan precisely in order to get rid of any unwanted hairs.

The Best Permanent Hair Removal

The Silk’n line of Hair Removal Devices are truly second to none. By following your treatment plan, you will get the results you are after - a smooth and hair-free body, just in time for summer and without any hassle or mess. Be sure to check out the Silk’n Resource Centre, which can answer all your questions about these amazing products!


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