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How Does Silk’n Hair Removal Work?

How Does Silk’n Hair Removal Work?

Many people think Silk’n Hair Removal is the same as laser hair removal. That is not the case. Keep reading to learn how Silk’n hair removal works, and why it is so effective!

How Silk’n Hair Removal Works

Silk’n hair removal uses a patented technology called Home Pulsed Light (HPL). Home Pulsed Light uses pulses of light rather than a laser. Although HPL delivers similar results as laser hair removal, it works in a different way.

Silk’n devices emit a pulse of light when placed flush against the treatment area. When hair follicles are in the proper growth phase, they absorb the light energy. The light energy then energy travels to the root of the follicle. Once it reaches the root, hair growth is disabled. During this process, the hair follicle is heated while the surrounding skin remains at normal temperature. This makes treatments completely painless. The only thing you’ll feel during treatment is a pulse of warmth.

Hair Removal illustration

In order for the device to work effectively, there must be a detectable contrast between the hair color and the skin color. For this reason, the Silk’n hair removal devices are best suited for individuals with dark hair and light skin. Each device comes with a built-in skin tone sensor to ensure the user’s safety. If the skin is too dark, the pulse of light will not emit. Silk’n recommends user do not have an active sun tan when using this device. For this reason, Spring is the best time to start using your hair removal device! Get hair free legs, underarms, and bikini lines for bikini season.

Silk’n devices are approved by the FDA to be safe for at-home use. They have been specifically designed with user safety in mind. You can be sure that your treatments will be fast, effective, and totally safe!

How to Use Your Silk’n Hair Removal Device

Using your Silk’n hair removal device is simple and painless.

  1. Power the device on
  2. Glide
  3. Repeat (anywhere you have unwanted hair)

It really is that easy! Start using the device now and be hair free by summer!

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