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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

So, Halloween is tomorrow. We aren’t sure how that happened. But somehow we are finding ourselves in the same situation as nearly every other year: the day before, with no idea what we are going to wear tomorrow night. It’s times like these when Pinterest is a total savior. There are hundreds of last minute halloween makeup ideas. They are all fun, and most require very little effort. Check out some of our favorite looks below, all found on Pinterest!

1. Scarecrow

How adorable is this? Just break out a plaid flannel shirt, and old beach hat, and you have the perfect scarecrow look. Use an orange shade of lipstick for the nose and cheeks, and black eyeliner for the rest! Easy peasy, right?

2. Forest Fawn

If cute woodland creatures are your thing, this look is perfect for you! The makeup is simple enough. Follow the contour of your cheek with a caramel brown shade of blush or foundation. Over-embellish your cat eye using white. Grab a couple of sticks from the backyard, make some years with felt, and tie it all together with a headband.

3. Chic Skull

Super easy to do, the majority of this look is just black eye liner. To make it look more realistic, use a pale foundation. This look can be completed in less than an hour, easily. You’re welcome.

4. Kitty Cat

Perhaps the easiest look on our list: the classic cat. Your cat eye skills will definitely come in handy for this look! Add some whiskers and outline your red pout with black and wa-lah! Here’s a tip: the look is super cute with a pair of cat ears and a little black dress.

5. Marionette Doll

Creepy and chic, this look is great if your makeup skills are limited. Just bring your foundation in on the sides of each lip to create a straight line. Use a bright red lipstick to fill in the remaining space. Draw a straight line from the corner of your lips to the bottom of your chin. Do the same around your nose. Some fake eyelashes help to amp up the overall look.

6. Pretty Witch

This look is pretty self explanatory. Pair your cobweb eyes with a long black dress and a pointy hat, and you will be turning heads all night long.

7. Medusa

We love the creativity of this! One trip to the dollar store for some rubber snakes, and you will be looking ready to turn anyone into stone. Add a little extra detail to your eyes with a fun color, and your medusa look will be complete.

8. Comic Book Queen

Okay, so this requires more effort than the other looks on our list. But it is too cool not to include! This has been a popular go-to costume for the past couple of years, and we love it. The dots all over look like the print of a comic book. The thick black lines make you look like a drawn character pulled right off the page.

9. Mime

Some good white face makeup may be the only thing you have to purchase to complete this look. Black eyeliner can be used for the eye details, eyebrows, tear, and lips. A black and white outfit take the costume to the next level.

10. Egyptian Goddess

Last but not least, this gorgeous look does require some makeup skills. We love the color and details used around the eyes, as well as the shimmery metallic lipstick. The headpiece makes the look even more beautiful.

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