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New! A Revolutionary Approach to At-Home Laser Hair Removal

New! A Revolutionary Approach to At-Home Laser Hair Removal

Are you ready for the latest advancement in at-home laser hair removal?

New from Silk’n, the Infinity is a breakthrough in personal hair removal devices. With its powerful new combination of clinically proven technologies, more people than ever can now enjoy smooth, hair-free skin. And they can do it without the irritation often associated with do-it-yourself hair removal.

When you use the Infinity, your pores will open to its touch. This gives you the best shot at removing those thick, stubborn hairs while also allowing for improved post-treatment moisturizing. You’ll get rid of more hair quicker than ever, and it will leave your skin remarkably supple and soft.

Infinity removes hair from your legs, armpits, bikini line, and upper lip twice as fast as older model devices. It’s also more efficient, reducing growth by as much as 92%. And it does it all while visibly improving your skin tone.

Get rid of even your most stubborn hairs with the latest advancement in at-home laser hair removal science. Keep reading to find out more about what the Silk’n Infinity can do for you.


Silk'n Infinity Hair Removal Device


No more trips to the salon—do it all at home

With the most innovative technology in at-home laser hair removal, the Infinity removes all need for expensive and inconvenient spa treatments. You can now remove hair almost anywhere on your body. Arms and legs. Armpits and bikini lines. (It even works great on back hair, guys.)

The Infinity is the ideal product for removing facial hair below the cheekbone. Enjoy a smooth, hair-free upper lip with better results than you ever thought possible.

It’s safe to use anywhere except around the eyes, nipples, or privates. So long as you avoid already damaged or irritated skin, everything else is fair game.

We’ve made the world-renowned effectiveness of our home pulsed light (HPL™) laser hair removal technology even better. Even your most stubborn hairs don’t stand a chance. Remove more hair quicker than ever, painlessly and irritation-free.

The eHPL™ technology in the Infinity permanently removes hair using a fraction of the energy used by professional laser hair removal systems. This significantly lowers the risk of harm or complication, making the whole experience that much safer for you.

Improved Hair colors & skin types

Until now, most home systems have been less than ideal for removing blond, grey, and red hair.

With the new Infinity, that changes. We’ve made significant improvements to the device’s color recognition technology bringing at-home pulsed light hair removal to the widest audience ever possible.

Gone are the limitations of the past. Welcome to a new world of seemingly endless possibilities in the realm of at-home laser hair removal with the Silk’n Infinity.


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Improves your skin tone

The Silk’n Infinity is the first at-home laser hair removal device that actively opens the pores of your skin during treatments. This not only allows for better removal of stubborn hair—more on that later—it also lets you better moisturize afterward.

Some at-home devices can irritate your skin during treatments. But that’s not the case with the Infinity. At the most, all you should feel is a gentle tingling sensation. And that tingling is where the magic happens.

The science behind Infinity’s eHPL technology encourages your skin’s pores and follicles to open up. This allows for better absorption of your favorite after-treatment moisturizer. The results are astounding. The Infinity is the first device of its kind that actually improves your skin tone during the hair removal process.

Make the stubble, ingrown hairs, and skin irritation associated with other hair removal systems a thing of the past.

Now, let’s take a closer look at the technology that makes all this possible.

Combines two proven technologies for even better results

The Infinity combines two technologies to provide the based pulsed light hair removal system possible.

  1. HPL – The Infinity improves upon the game-changing pulsed light technology that made the Silk’n line of at-home laser hair removal devices so effective
  2. Galvanic energy – A gentle electrode on the device opens your pores for better light penetration and after-treatment skin care

Silk’n hair removal devices work by sending light energy down the hair shaft. This process heats the hair’s root and damages the follicle, preventing future growth. When the galvanic plate opens up your pores, this allows the light to penetrate deeper into the follicle. Those stubborn hairs that used to be such a problem will soon be a distant memory.

Even better, your pores will remain opened up long enough for you to do your after-treatment moisturizing routine. This will let you care for your skin better as your moisturizer penetrates deeper. You’ll rehydrate better than ever before, locking in moisture for optimal absorption. Finally, a laser hair removal treatment that leaves your skin smoother—and rejuvenated.


At home Laser hair removal


One and done—no refills required

You’ll never need to purchase a refill cartridge for the Infinity. The product ships with enough pulses to give you a lifetime of full-body treatments.

Not only is the device way more affordable than some professional spa treatments, but it’s a single payment. You won’t have to purchase anything else for any reason. Ever.

Two operation modes for more effective results

You can use the Infinity two ways: pulsing and gliding.

Pulsing is ideal for small patches. Spot treatments. This is the recommended way to work on the upper lip, or for isolated spots.

When working in pulse mode, work in rows going across or down the treatment area. After each pulse, move the device to a new area. Repeat until you’ve finished. Avoid overlaps and gaps.

Gliding works best for larger areas. Legs. Upper arms. That sort of thing.

When working in glide mode, press the device to the treatment area. Then slowly glide across or down, keeping the device in constant contact with the skin. The device will pulse every second and a half. When gliding, go at a regular, even rate to avoid overlaps and gaps.


At home hair removal device


Personalize your treatment with five power settings

The Infinity has five power level settings to help you further customize your experience. The power level controls the intensity of the light used in your treatments. At higher levels, you get better results.

However, there’s also the possibility of heightened sensitivity to higher levels. Although most users report nothing more than a mild tingling sensation while using the device, every person is different. It’s important for you to find the setting that works best for your comfort level.

During your first session, start at the lowest level and gradually increase from there. For added safety, never treat the same area of skin more than once per treatment session.

Never forget a treatment again with the free scheduling app

You’ll get your best results if you follow a schedule for your first seven treatments. Treatments one to four should be every two weeks with treatments five to seven happening every four weeks.

To help you better keep track of this, we’ve developed a free app for Android and iOS devices. The app tracks your sessions and notifies you when your next treatment is due, so you’ll never miss one.


Silk'n Infinity hair removal device


Comparison shopping

Let’s compare the new Infinity to some of the other top laser hair removal devices on the market. All of these devices are based on similar pulsed light technology, but none of them offer the Infinity’s option for galvanic energy.

  • Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X – The Tria was the first at-home laser hair removal device approved by the FDA. And it’s still holding up well. But it doesn’t work on light hair or dark skin.
  • Remington iLIGHT Pro Plus Quartz – The iLIGHT is another laser hair removal device with limited skin and hair tone options.
  • Philips Lumea Comfort – The Lumea is more versatile in the range of skin tones than most of the competition, but it still has problems with lighter hair colors.
  • Elos Touch – The Elos used to have the market cornered when it came to laser hair removal on dark skin tones. But this is an advantage it no longer enjoys, thanks the Infinity (which is also more affordable).

Make the most of your treatments with this breakthrough technology

The new eHPL technology behind the Silk’n Infinity puts unprecedented at-home laser hair removal power at your fingertips. Use the Infinity’s unique blend of galvanic and optical energy to remove unwanted hair like never before. All while leaving your skin noticeably smoother and better hydrated.

The Silk’n Infinity provides irritation-free at-home laser hair removal for all skin tones and nearly all hair colors. All this while also nourishing your skin. A onetime purchase for a lifetime of results, the Infinity offers five power levels available in both pulsing and gliding modes for fully customizable results.

If you’re looking for the most flexible system that delivers the best results, look no further. Infinity is here, and it’s a game-changer.


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Infinite power—in the palm of your hand today

Sign up to be among the first to order the Infinity. Get the most advanced at-home laser hair removal device on the market today. Remove that stubborn, unwanted hair for good, revitalizing your skin as you do. You won’t be sorry.

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