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Save 15% During the New Year Sale

Save 15% During the New Year Sale

Silk’n is giving you the chance to start 2017 off right! Save 15% on your entire purchase for a limited time during the Silk’n New Year Sale. It’s a new year. It’s a new you!

Silk’n New Year Sale

Save 15% on all orders that are $99 and up, NO exclusions. We recommend getting yourself a Silk’n Express at-home hair removal device. It uses patented Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology to gently disable growth at the root of each hair. Now is the perfect time to start using the device if you want to have smooth, sexy legs, underarms, and bikini lines by the time summer comes around! Save nearly $45 by purchasing today.

If you’ve already purchased an at-home hair removal device, we recommend opting for the popular Silk’n ReVit microdermabrasion device. It uses diamond exfoliation to remove the top layer of dull and dry skin, leaving fresh and radiant skin behind. Beauty bloggers everywhere are loving the device and you will too! It decreases redness, diminishes the appearance of fine lines and acne scars, and improves overall complexion. Save nearly $15 when you purchase during the Silk’n New Year Sale!

ReVit, microdermabrasion at home

Do you want to deem 2017 the year of clear skin? We don’t blame you! Acne and skin blemishes can be hard on one’s self confidence. It makes a big difference to know you don’t need a bunch of makeup to hide the imperfections. That’s where the Silk’n Blue comes in. It uses a chemical-free, gentle process to destroy acne-causing bacteria and decrease redness. With regular use, the device can lead to noticeably clearer skin. Blue light technology works. Save over $22 for a very limited time.

Blue acne treatment, blue light technology

Kick the new off right. Say goodbye to fussy razors, messy creams, and expensive professional treatments. Say hello to at-home beauty devices that really work and save big during the Silk’n New Year Sale.

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