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Facial Cleansing – The Best Cleansing Yet

Facial Cleansing – The Best Cleansing Yet

Nothing beats that feeling of being freshly pampered. Most people have to go to a high-end salon for that feeling, now you can experience that same luxury every day—with the Silk’n Fresh facial cleanser device.

Silk’n Fresh is the new 2-in-1 facial cleansing brush with an integrated face wash dispenser that delivers a one of a kind cleansing experience that is at once both effective and luxurious.

The perfect solution for daily facial cleansing, Silk’n Fresh dispenses the perfect amount of cleanser every time. And for an unparalleled clean feeling, our vibrating and pulsating brush heads stand alone. With Silk’n Fresh, our patented 360° Vibration Technology removes six times the makeup possible with manual cleansing alone.

Our patented Silk’n Fresh facial cleanser stimulates your skin, leaving your complexion soft and radiant while minimizing enlarged pores. It also allows for better post-treatment absorption, improving the performance of skincare lotions and creams.

And its compact size and waterproof design make Silk’n Fresh the perfect travel companion. It packs away neatly, and you’ll never have to worry about bringing along a separate bottle of face wash ever again.

Introducing the new way to cleanse your face

With the convenience of Silk’n Fresh in the palm of your hand, you get a revolutionary device that automatically dispenses the ideal amount of your preferred facial wash at the press of a button.

Choose from Silk’n Fresh’s vibrating and pulsating modes, both available in high and low speed, and our two brush heads, regular and soft, to deeply cleanse your face in whatever manner you’re most comfortable with.

While you use the device, the brush hairs employ microcirculation to brighten your complexion, gently restoring radiance with every treatment.

Let’s talk features and benefits

Along with dispensing the perfect amount of facial cleanser for a single treatment at the press of a button, the device’s dispenser can hold enough of your preferred face wash for thirty treatment sessions. And its size makes it ideal for travelling.

The rechargeable, cordless and waterproof design of Silk’n Fresh means you can use it worry-free in the shower or the bath. Each unit ships with a face brush stand/charging cradle—and a fully charged device can last for up to 50 treatments.

Five simple steps to perfectly cleansed skin

Silk’n Fresh makes facial cleansing quick, more thorough, and downright easy. All you need to do is follow this straightforward and effective five-point action plan:

vibrating facial cleaning brush

1.     Fill the facial cleanser soap dispenser

To get started using Silk’n Fresh, fill the unit’s face wash dispenser with the facial cleanser of your choice. For maximum effectiveness, we recommend you choose a face wash with a thinner consistency. Fill the dispenser slowly, taking care not to create any bubbles in the process.

2.     Remove heavy makeup

Silk’n Fresh works best when you start will a relatively clean face. A blank canvas, if you will. Use your preferred makeup remover to get the bulk of it, thereby letting Silk’n Fresh do the best job possible.

3.     Moisten face and brush head

Once you’ve got the dispenser filled and you’ve removed your makeup, splash your face and moisten Silk’n Fresh’s brush head with lukewarm water.

4.     Cleanse with Silk’n Pure

When you’re ready to cleanse, press the unit’s dispensing button once to put a single dose of face wash onto the brush head. Next, turn on the device and select the setting you’d like to use, vibrating or pulsating. Then get cleansing.

Press the brush gently to your skin and move it in an upward, circular motion. Treat each zone of your face—forehead, nose, chin, both cheeks (separately), and neck—for a maximum of ten seconds each. As an added safety measure, the device has a built-in intelligent automatic shut-off timer that activates after sixty seconds.

waterproof facial cleaning

With a full dispenser, Silk’n Pure is good to go for roughly thirty treatments (depending on the type of cleanser you’re using). And cleansing with Silk’n Fresh is six times more effective than manual cleansing, while also helping to reduce pores size at the same time.

Silk’n Pure also features a waterproof design, so you don’t have to worry about using it in the tub or the shower. This perk of functionality allows you to save time and effort by combining your face and body cleansing routines into one.

5.     Rinse and pat dry

When you’re done, splash your face clean and pat dry with a towel. Then, wash the brush in the sink and towel dry, as well. Finally, apply your favorite moisturizer to nourish your skin.

Routine Maintenance

Wash out the unit’s dispenser on a monthly basis to help prevent clogging. Make sure you keep the brushes clean and dry when not in use.  Replacement brushes are available when you feel that they are in need of replacement.

All about 360° Vibration Technology

Silk’n Pure is able to cleanse skin so effectively because of the power of 360° Vibration Technology, a patented mechanism that combines vibrating motion with micro rotations.

In vibrating mode, pores are cleansed of impurities by vertically vibrating brush hairs that also make individual 360° rotations sweeping away dirt and debris. These motions also stimulate your skin, promoting microcirculation. The process not only cleans your face fresher & deeper than ever before, but it also leaves your skin soft and glowing.

In pulsating mode, the brush head pats and massages face, relaxing both your skin and the underlying muscles. It’s a great way to rejuvenate your complexion first thing in the morning as well as a relaxing restorative at the end of the day.

Both modes, vibrating and pulsating, are available in high and low speed settings.

The brush heads

Each Silk’n Pure device ships with two brush heads, one regular and one soft. The regular brush is designed to be effective on normal skin types. The soft brush, with its longer, softer bristles, is ideally suited for people with more sensitive skin.

We recommend getting a new brush head every three months for hygienic reasons, as well as to guard against wear. Replacement brush heads can be ordered through the Silk’n website.

cordless facial cleaning brush

Pamper yourself daily

With the new Silk’n Pure, you can feel like you’ve just been pampered at a top spa every time you wash your face. Let our patented 360° Vibration Technology redefine luxury for you as it gives you our deepest clean possible. This device removes up to six times more makeup than regular cleansing while also refreshing and exfoliating your skin, removing dirt, debris and oil in the process.

Our vibrating and pulsating brush heads leave your skin soft and radiant. Your complexion will glow, balanced and refreshed like never before as enlarged pores are visibly reduced, allowing for better absorption of after-treatment restorative creams and lotions – a great tool in an anti-aging treatment routine for people of all ages.

This is a deep cleansing experience unlike any other, at once purifying and relaxing, and gentle enough to use twice a day without any worries—even on sensitive skin. Try it for a month and we’re sure you’ll agree. This 2-in-1 face cleanser that stimulates your skin while it scrubs away impurities is truly a product without equal.

waterproof facial cleaning brush

Cleanse your face like never before — with Silk’n Pure

We’re so confident that you’ll love the experience of cleansing with Silk’n Pure that we include free shipping, an exclusive extended double warranty that covers each unit for two years, and a 30-day money guarantee with every online purchase.

Order your Silk’n Pure Facial Cleanser today to discover what true deep cleansing is all about. You won’t be sorry.

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