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Smooth, Permanently Hair-Free Skin Just in Time for Summer

Smooth, Permanently Hair-Free Skin Just in Time for Summer

Learn how starting your Silk’n IPL hair removal treatments early can get you the results you want, and be ready for the sunny months of summer.

Canadian winters are long and cold, and by the time the end of February rolls around, we start to wonder if it’s ever going to end! Snow-covered roads and cars may be the last thing you want to see when you look out the window, but it won’t be long before everything thaws out and temperatures start rising. The first day of summer will be here before you know it, but will you be ready for short shorts, tank tops, and cute bathing suits?

With summer comes more exposed skin, and with more exposed skin comes extra attention spent on hair removal methods. Whether you typically go for your razor to do the job, or if you book appointments at a salon for waxing or sugaring, summer time usually means a lot more time spent dealing with unwanted hair.

With help from Silk’n, and the amazing effects of IPL hair removal, you will be ready when the first day of summer finally arrives!

It’s easy to get fed up with the hassles of shaving every couple of days, and the high cost, discomfort, and wasted time of professional waxing sessions. If that sounds familiar to you, then it’s definitely time to look at intense pulsed light (IPL) hair removal the solution to your hair removal troubles.

But what exactly is IPL hair removal, and how can it really achieve permanent results? We’re glad you asked! Allow us to explain how this incredible technology works.

Smooth, Permanently Hair-Free Skin Just in Time for Summer

Explaining the Process of IPL Hair Removal

The key to achieving permanent hair removal lies in affecting the follicles themselves, and causing them to stop growing hair altogether. This is something most hair removal techniques simply can’t do. You see, shaving works by cutting the hair close to the skin, while other methods like waxing or epilators work by pulling the entire hair out. Unfortunately, these approaches don’t do anything to stop new hair from growing back, so you end up doing them over, and over, and over again.

Light-based hair removal on the other hand, is specifically designed to stop hair from re-growing, resulting in permanent hair removal on the treated areas. First, the IPL device emits an intense burst of light applied directly to the surface of the skin. This light is absorbed by dark melanin of the hairs, and is converted from light energy in to heat energy. The heat energy then transfers to the cells that surround the root of the hair inside the follicle, and causes them to slow down their ability to regenerate hair.

With each successive IPL treatment, hair growth becomes increasingly slow, and eventually ceases altogether. The end result is a permanent removal of hair in the treated areas, all without the pain, discomfort, or irritation effects that are common in many other hair removal methods.

For further clarity, this video provides a helpful illustration of how the process of IPL hair removal works:

When you compare IPL to the other popular methods of hair removal, it’s easy to see why IPL is so appealing. It’s fast, easy, and comfortable to perform an IPL treatment, and the end result means that you won’t have to shave, pluck or wax ever again. However, because of the cumulative effect of how IPL works, it’s a good idea to manage your expectations on what results you will see, and how soon you will see them.

In order to get the permanent hair removal you want in time for the first day of summer you need to start your treatments early enough to run through the entire treatment cycle and hit your target date. Permanent hair removal does take time, but the return is definitely worth the investment. Let’s look at a typical IPL treatment plan, and what kind of results you can expect to see as you progress through it.

Common IPL Treatment Intervals & Typical Results

To help keep things simple, we’re going to use the Silk’n Infinity hair removal device as our reference, as it offers the best combination of speed and performance of any IPL device on the market. Using a Silk’n Infinity, the recommended treatment timeline uses a 15-week schedule, with each treatment occurring at two-week intervals.

In general, each individual treatment will only take a few minutes to complete, however this is directly related to the size of the treatment area. Obviously, treating both of your legs from start to finish will take a little more time than treating your upper lip or bikini zone.

Fortunately, the Silk’n Infinity comes equipped with a special ‘glide’ mode for larger areas that speeds up your treatments by automatically generates the light pulses as you slide the device over your skin. For smaller areas that require greater precision, you can use the Infinity’s ‘pulse’ mode, where it generates a single pulse each time the button is pressed.

Target Dates & Guidelines to Be Ready for Summer

Historically, the first day of summer most often falls on June 20th or June 21st. There are rare occasions where it falls on the 22nd, but don’t expect this to happen any time soon. The last time summer arrived on June 22nd was in 1975, and the next time won’t come around until 2203!

So, for the sake of simplicity, let’s use June 20th as our target date for being completely done with our IPL treatment plan. If we work backwards from there, using the typical 15-week schedule, we can see that our target start date for treatment #1 will need to be no later than March 7th. Of course, the sooner you start the sooner you finish, so keep that in mind!

To expand on this even further, let’s take a look at what kind of results most Silk’n Infinity users experience throughout the course of their 15-week treatment plan.

Example of Results from IPL Treatments Starting the 1st Week of March:

  • After 3 Weeks: The first two treatment sessions will result in a general slowdown in hair growth on the affected area, and the hairs themselves will start to become thinner and finer.

  • After 7 Weeks: At the end of your third and fourth sessions, bare patches of skin will start to form in the treatment areas. This is a sure sign that your progress is moving well and you are on track to achieve your goals of permanent hair removal.

  • After 11 Weeks: The fifth and sixth treatments will continue to show progress in the form of drastically reduced hair growth speed and coverage, as the hairless patches continue to expand over the treatment areas.

  • After 15 Weeks: The seventh and eighth treatments bring your 15-week treatment plan to an end, at which time you should see a total reduction in hair on the treated areas, leaving behind only silky-smooth, hair-free skin.

  • Follow-Up & Spot Treatments: In some cases, there may be a need for some minor spot treatments to take care of any stray hairs that may have not been completely treated. Since everyone’s hair grows at different rates and has different characteristics, this is not unexpected. These follow-up treatments are fast and easy, and can be done on an as-needed basis.

That’s all there is to it! Once you’ve gone through the entire 15-week treatment schedule, you’ll have reached your goal of permanent hair removal just in time for those beautifully sunny beach days and countless hours of lounging by the pool. Starting early with your IPL treatments means more time doing what you love in the summer, and not dealing with unwanted hair.

How to Get the Most from Your IPL Treatments & Speed Up Results

There are many simple changes you can make to your hair removal and daily health & beauty routines to help speed up your IPL treatments and shave some time off the total treatment schedule. Of course, even with these tips, it’s important to remember that getting permanent results still takes time and there’s no magic wand you can wave that will make the hair disappear forever overnight. Nevertheless, every second counts, so let’s review some of the ways to get to the finish line a little faster.

Healthy Skin and Healthy Hair Mean Better IPL Hair Removal Results

It should come as no surprise that a healthy body will restore and rejuvenate itself far more efficiently and effectively than one that is dehydrated or lacking in nutrition. Aside from the overall health benefits that come from a healthy diet rich in vitamins and minerals, the effects that a nutritious diet has on your skin can be very profound. Proper hydration is also key to maintaining healthy skin, so it’s critical to always drink plenty of water each day.

The impacts of nutrition on the health of your skin are well-proven, and there are many resources available that detail the types of foods that are rich in the vitamins and minerals that have the biggest influence on the look and feel of your skin. For example, has published an extensive list of these types of foods in their article Healthy Beauty: Foods that Equal Glowing Skin.

By ensuring that your skin and hair are healthy thanks to your nutritious diet and staying hydrated, you’ll notice that your body will respond to your IPL treatments more efficiently. This means faster recovery times, improved resilience, and softer, smoother skin after each treatment.

Prepare the Treatment Area Correctly Prior to IPL Hair Removal

Maintaining the health of your skin is certainly very important to ensuring you get the best results from your IPL treatment, but it’s also essential to prepare your skin before each treatment in the right way. In order to optimize your IPL hair removal, it’s recommended that you shave the treatment area before you begin each session. This is because shaving helps to provide a smooth surface for the device to glide over, as well as leaving a portion of hair inside the follicles in order to achieve the necessary light-to-heat transfer that produces the effect of hair growth inhibition.

Waxing, sugaring, plucking, and epilating should never be done before an IPL session, as these processes remove the entire hair from the follicle and prevent the proper absorption of light energy during your treatments. Without a portion of hair inside the follicles to absorb the light, it will take longer to achieve the results you want. So, always remember to shave, never wax!

Choose the Optimum Power Setting for Your Skin and Hair

Your IPL device will have adjustable power and intensity settings in order to customize your treatments to suit your unique skin and hair tone combination. To obtain the best possible results from your device in the least amount of time, always choose the energy setting that matches your skin and hair tone. For quick and easy reference, here’s an example of the chart that comes with Silk’n devices for users to determine the starting point for their IPL device energy settings.

The reason we say ‘starting point’ is because you may find that you can incrementally increase the energy settings after your first few treatments, provided you’ve successfully completed the skin tone test as set forth in the operating manual that came with your device. If you decide to increase the setting, it is important that you proceed with caution, and only increase one energy level at a time and always perform a new skin tone test to verify the effects before you move ahead with a higher setting.

If you are comfortable with the energy setting of your device and don’t wish to increase the power, another alternative is to increase the frequency of your treatments. After the first few sessions using your device have been completed according to the recommended two-week interval schedule, you may be able to increase the frequency to weekly treatments. Again, like increasing the energy settings, you should proceed cautiously and closely monitor the condition of your skin and the progress of your hair removal results. If you find that weekly treatments are working well, then you can continue on with the revised schedule and reduce the overall timeline required to obtain permanent hair removal results.

Ultimately, your safety is of paramount importance, so if there is any hesitation on your part regarding increasing the energy settings or changing the frequency of your treatments, it’s always a smart decision to revert back to the original 15-week schedule at the recommended energy setting.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Started with IPL Hair Removal

Not all of us will end up getting started at exactly the right time to be ready for the first day of summer, but don’t worry because you can still perform your IPL hair removal treatments even throughout the warmest and sunniest months of the year.

Undergoing IPL treatments in the summer is quite simple, as the treatments themselves remain exactly the same no matter what time of year it might be. The main factor affecting hair removal when the sun shines brightest is how you handle managing your exposure to the suns UV rays.

Protecting yourself against excessive sun exposure is always a good idea, but it’s absolutely essential that you take care not to perform any hair removal treatments of any kind on skin that is affected by a sunburn. You should always wait until the sunburn has abated and the skin has fully healed before you conduct any type of hair removal treatment, including IPL.

To help minimize the risk of excessive UV exposure and reduce the potential for sunburns, take care to always use a strong SPF level sunscreen, and reapply regularly. Choose light clothing that covers your treatment areas wherever possible, and head to shaded areas during the times when the sun is at its most intense. All the common methods you’ve always been taught to use to protect yourself from the sun work, as long as you actually follow them!

Get Ready for Summer with the Silk’n Infinity

If you’re ready to start right now, the best way to get the permanent hair removal results you’ve always wanted is with the most innovative IPL hair removal device on the market; the Silk’n Infinity! Our light-based hair removal technology is clinically-proven and backed by many research studies, as well as countless satisfied Silk’n users.

Plus, the Silk’n Infinity elevates the effectiveness of IPL hair removal with the addition of galvanic energy. Through the tip of the device, galvanic energy is transferred to the skin in the treatment area, stimulating the blood flow and circulation beneath the surface of the skin, kick-starting the skin’s natural repair and restoration abilities. Furthermore, the galvanic energy encourages the follicle openings to widen, thereby allowing the light energy to penetrate further down the hairs, all the way to the root.

When combined with IPL technology, galvanic energy helps speed up treatment times, more effectively inhibit the growth of hair, and aid in leaving the skin feeling vibrant and smooth. There’s no other hair removal device on the market that does all the things that the Infinity can! Plus, each Infinity comes equipped with the longest-lasting emitter bulb of any IPL device, and is capable of producing over 400,000 individual pulses. That’s more than enough pulses for a lifetime of hair removal treatments.

Summer is coming, so get started down the path to permanently hair-free skin today!

Summer will be here before you know it, so if you want to stop spending time and money at salons for painful waxing appointments, and ditch the razor forever, it’s time for you to discover the amazing results you can get from Silk’n IPL hair removal devices. Your dream of a lifetime of permanently smooth skin is within reach, and all you need to do is order your Silk’n Infinity today to make that dream in to a reality.

Enjoy a summer of beautiful, smooth, hair-free skin and experience the Silk’n difference!

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