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Start Using Your At-Home Hair Removal Device NOW!

Start Using Your At-Home Hair Removal Device NOW!

It’s 2017. The year you ditch your razor and say hello to smooth, silky skin without the fuss! If you received a Silk’n at-home hair removal device for Christmas this year, congrats! If you didn’t, get yours today. Now is the perfect time to start treating with the device.

Treatments With Your At-Home Hair Removal Device

Winter is the perfect time to start treating with your hair removal device. It can take some time to see results. In order to be hair-free by the time summer comes, it is important to use the device consistently starting now!

At-Home Hair Removal Device

It is recommended that treatments are done once every two weeks. This gives ample time for hairs to grow back to the proper phase that ensures they are ready for treatment. Most people see noticeable results within 3-5 treatments. Hair growth begins to slow and hair follicles begin to fall out. For others, it can take slightly longer. Our bodies are unique. The time it takes to see results depends on the skin type and hair type of each individual user.

Most users see great results within 10 treatments. That means it can take up to six months to see great results with your at-home hair removal device. If you want smooth, hair-free skin for bikini season, don’t hesitate! Start using your device now!

How Silk’n At-Home Hair Removal Works

Silk’n devices use HPL (Home Pulsed Light) technology. It is not laser hair removal. HPL uses gentle but intense pulses of light. When a hair follicle is in the correct growth phase, it absorbs the pulse of light during treatment. The light energy travels down the hair follicle, disabling growth at the root. Silk’n devices come with the ability to increase and decrease the intensity level on a scale of 1-5. This allows each user to treat at a level that is most comfortable for them.

As mentioned, HPL is very effective but can take some time to see results (just like laser hair removal). If users are patient and consistent with their use of the device, they will see results within 10 weeks. If users start using their at-home hair removal device now, there is a great chance they will see great results by the time summer comes around.

Treatments with Silk’n devices are simple, quick, and effective. Get yours today!

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