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Time for Summer Prep - Hair Removal

Time for Summer Prep - Hair Removal

It might feel like winter lasts forever but, believe it or not, it does come to a drawn-out end. And when the calendar turns to May, you want to make sure you are ready to get outdoors to enjoy the beach or some quality patio time with friends. This means making sure your body is smooth and hairless so you don’t feel self-conscious about your legs, bikini area or underarms.

Elle Magazine recently ran a piece in their printed magazine about summer prep with respect to hair removal, skincare and diet. The focus was on two Silk’n devices, the Express and the Infinity, and how with proper planning they can help people achieve beautiful hairless bodies in time for consistent warm weather.

This article will expand on the ideas introduced by Elle. We’ll cover why Silk’n devices are globally beloved and what a complete hair removal treatment plan looks like. You’ll gain access to tips and advice on when to start treatment if you want to be ready for the summer, and why this technology is a safer bet than other options like waxing, laser therapy or shaving.

The Impact of Winter

Winter in Canada is quite the experience. Most provinces and territories are marked by brutal conditions, harsh temperatures and lack of outdoor time—all of which can do a number on someone’s moods.

Knowing that our bodies will be covered by layers of clothing, we ignore our body hair. The issue is that once summer arrives you’re behind the eight-ball and rushing to remove body hair haphazardly.

It’s important to think ahead. Months before the winter ends—and while trying to stave off cabin fever—you need to start your hair removal process so that you’re ready to go at the first sight of warm weather. Starting on the eve of spring or summer won’t get your body to the point of hairlessness that you desire.


Silk'n Elle magazine hair removal


A Complete Hair Removal Treatment Plan

A complete treatment plan means you perform regular treatments as per the hair removal device instructions until you achieve the desired results. Complete treatments deliver the smoothest skin, but it means no cutting corners!

You should be completing your treatment plan right around the onset of summer, typically around late May or early June. To do so, you need to understand how to perform treatments as this will determine the length of time you need and when you should begin.

Using at-home hair removal devices tends to take roughly the same amount of time as professional hair removal treatments. The benefit is that it is significantly less expensive and can be done from the comfort and privacy of your home.

A complete treatment plan should also result in permanent hair removal. This term can be confusing as it doesn’t actually mean that hair is unable to ever grow again on a treated area. It refers to hair being drastically reduced to the point where you don’t have to worry about growth so much.

Learn more about how hair grows, and why it can keep coming back, in the Hair Removal Resource Centre.


silk'n ipl hair removal device


The Flash&Go Series

To start your hair removal regimen, you need to choose which device is best for your lifestyle and hair type. While you should do proper research don’t lose weeks going back and forth on a decision.

Consider the following:

  • What best suits your lifestyle? Do you need short treatments or does a portable device make more sense?
  • Treatment frequency and duration.
  • What area or areas of your body do you want to treat?

The Flash&Go hair removal series includes three devices:

  • The Express reloads exceptionally quick allowing for short treatments without compromising efficacy. For instance, hair removal treatments for each leg can be completed in only 10 minutes. This device is perfect for people who are busier in the winter.
  • The Jewel is adjustable and designed with the ability to target smaller areas.
  • The Compact is designed for people who want to treat while on vacation or who often travel for work. It is an ideal size to fit in luggage or a backpack or purse.

The latest Silk’n device is the Infinity. It combines Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology with galvanic energy to offer an improved hair removal solution. The Infinity is more efficient and convenient while delivering results that have become the global gold standard.


silk'n infinity ipl hair removal device



Most treatments require six to eight weeks to complete. To start planning, pick a date in the summer and work back eight weeks to determine your start date.

With respect to treatment timeframe:

  • The Compact requires users to perform treatments every two weeks for two months. It usually takes three to four treatments to see results. After the two months, you can begin performing monthly maintenance.
  • The Infinity recommends a minimum of seven treatments. The first four are performed two weeks apart. The last three are performed four weeks apart. Treatments eight and beyond are considered maintenance and should be done until you achieve the results you want.
  • If you wait too long than the Express might be the way to go as you can see noticeable results in only two treatments. A complete treatment requires you to use the device once every two weeks for four to five sessions. You should perform maintenance once a month or as needed. Full hair removal takes approximately six months.
  • The Jewel is like the Compact with respect to treatment duration and frequency. Treatments should be spaced two weeks apart until you complete the fourth one. Treatments five to seven should be performed four weeks apart. Maintenance begins at treatment eight and should be done as needed.

Remember, hair removal results vary based on hair growth, colour and skin tone. Women typically need fewer treatments than men. We recommend including maintenance as part of your hair removal treatment plan so ideally you start no later than late February.

Your Best Summer Body

For most, hair removal for your legs, arms, underarms, chin, upper lip and bikini line goes a long way toward feeling confident. If you are dedicated to looking and feeling your best once the weather warms, then hair removal should be part of a larger program.

Diet not only helps you reach your goal weight for the beach, it plays a key role in skin health. Load up on foods and superfoods that are high in Vitamin C, which is known to boost natural collagen levels and improve skin tone and elasticity.

The last thing you want is to remove hair only to expose your skin to dry heat or the sun’s damaging effects. Pair your hair removal device with the Revit to exfoliate skin via microdermabrasion. Microderm devices remove the layer of dead skin making your face and body look brighter and younger. It also ensures that pores remain clean and unclogged.

Remember, once you have little to no body or facial hair you will want to be extra conscious about wearing sunscreen whenever you step outdoors.  


Silk'n elle magazine ipl hair removal


Find a Silk’n Device for You

Don’t let the winter get in the way of your hair removal goals. Keep an eye toward the approaching summer and commit to a plan that will give you the smooth body that you crave.

Browse the full line of Silk'n hair removal devices to find which product or products is right for you. Learn more about hair removal in our Hair Removal Resource Centre.

Check out the article in this month's printed copy of Elle Canada.

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