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The Effects of Air Pollution on Skin

The Effects of Air Pollution on Skin

It is well known that poor air quality can have a negative effect on your body,  the effects of air pollution on skin are not as often thought about. Recent studies show that pollution in the air causes more damage to your skin than you might think. Since the main purpose of your skin is to act as a barrier of protection, it is constantly exposed to air pollution and sunlight. For that reason, your skin takes a serious beating from all the external influences in the environment.

A study recently completed in France found a link between pollution and itchy skin/skin rashes. Researchers analyzed the levels of different types of pollution in certain areas of France. They found that when there was an increase in air pollution levels in those areas, they was also an increase in the amount of patients with reported skin rashes and conjunctivitis. This suggests a correlation between the amount of pollution in the air and skin problems experienced by individuals.

Beverly Hills-based dermatologist Debra Luftman says “Pollution is one of the main sources of skin damage because toxins in the air cause the skin to age prematurely, especially on the face, neck, and hands.” Skin that is constantly exposed to the air carries the most risk. So what exactly is air pollution doing to your skin? Well, that depends on the type of pollution your skin is being exposed to.


There are two types of air pollution: ozone and particulate matter. Ozone is released into the air by cars, trucks, airplanes, and anything else that emits toxic gases. When ozone comes into contact with living tissue it causes corrosion. Corrosion to the skin causes loss of moisture and elasticity, which speeds up the aging process. Particulate matter is a mixture of solid particles that are found in the air. These include dust, dirt, and smoke. Dr. Luftman says that these things sit on the skin, causing inflammation, and breaking down the skin’s proteins. They can also clog pores, making them look larger than they actually are. It is likely that most people are experiencing skin damage resulting from a combination of both types of pollution.

Although pollution is a serious problem nearly everywhere, there are certain areas that are much worse than others. Particulate matter is ranked by size, and anything below 10 is considered dangerous. The finer the matter, the easier it is for it to penetrate your pores, which is what leads to skin damage and premature aging. Many parts of the United States have levels as low as 2.5, putting people who live in those areas at serious risk. Urban areas in California, Texas, Nevada, and Utah are some of the top locations for dangerous particulate matter and ozone levels. No matter where you live, chances are you are at risk to for the negative effects of air pollution on your skin to some extent. In fact, cooking, cleaning, and candles all release particulate matter and free radicals that can cause harm to your skin as well.


So what now? Ho do we combat this threat that we face every single day? Unfortunately, we can’t give our skin 100% protection from air pollution. We all have lives and no one spends life in a bubble! However, certain steps and be taken and precautions made to ensure you are preserving the life of your skin. Particular matter can be microscopic. Dr. Laurie Tadlock, a dermatologist in Washington State, says “In most cases, our hands alone cannot effectively remove pollution matter this size.” We need some extra assistance to get all the dirt and grime that penetrates our pores throughout the day. Luckily for you, Silk’n carries products that are designed specifically for these purposes. They can provide protection, cleansing power, and rejuvenation to your skin. Using all the Silk’n products together can help to preserve the youth in your skin, keeping you looking younger longer! Follow the four-step process below and you can preserve the life of your skin.



It is well known that sunscreen is an absolute must, no matter what time of the year. Using it on your face, hands, and any other skin that is exposed to the sun is crucial in order to delay signs of aging and avoid the possibility of skin cancer. Silk’n Screen is a sunscreen with a sun protection factor of 30. It is water and sweat resistant and offers ultimate coverage throughout the day. Use it to protect your skin from the damaging effects of UV rays.

Silk'n Screen



The deep penetration of the Silk’n DermBeaute  will help you to fight the effects of air pollution (especially particulate matter) on your skin. Big pores are never a good look! The electronic sonic-powered brush comes with five different heads to ensure you are getting the deepest clean possible. Use the DermBeaute to rid your face of all the buildup that gathers on your skin everyday. If you want similar treatment with a smaller price tag, try the Silk’n Swirl!

Silk'n Swirl facial brush



Hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy and youthful. Silk’n HydraMist can help you to quench your skin, keeping it in top-notch condition. Made with a combination of nutrients and minerals, it is a mist that will last longer than your everyday moisturizer. Put it on after you finish the cleansing process to feel the soothing, hydrating effects of the mist throughout the day.

Silk'n Hydramist


We know that most people haven’t been taking the proper precautions to avoid skin damage throughout their adult life. Luckily, Silk’n has developed a tool that can help reverse the effects of sunshine and pollution and bring life back to your skin. The Silk’n FaceFX uses fractional red light therapy and thermal heating to diminish the signs of aging. Together they work to stimulate collagen production, giving you a radiant glow that you thought you would never get back!

Silk'n FaceFX

Being aware of the effects of air pollution on skin is crucial if you want to keep your youthful glow as long as possible. Use the steps listed above to keep your skin looking fresh all the time, no matter what the condition!