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The Silk’n Compact—Summer Confidence Booster

The Silk’n Compact—Summer Confidence Booster

Summer is still here, if not for much longer! Summer is great, and certain products can make it even better. According to Josh McBride, summer is “all about looking and feeling your best”, and we agree! He recently talked about the Silk’n Compact hair removal device and how it is perfect to keep you feeling confident during the summer season!

The device was featured at the KCAL9 studio in LA this past Sunday Morning. The Flash&Go Compact emits gentle pulses of light in the places you don’t want hair. The number of those places seems to increase in the summer. You have to worry about bikini lines, and actually have to shave your entire leg! The Compact device makes life easier by ridding your body of hair in those places, making for stress-free beach days and nights out!

As Josh points out, the best part about the Silk’n Compact is the fact that you can do it in the comfort of your own home. No one likes making appointments, then going to the spa or clinic where you never know exactly what you are getting. With the compact, you will get consistent results every time! At just $199, it saves you BIG money. At most spas, you would pay more than that for just one session. It truly is a steal of a deal.

Here’s how Home Pulsed Light (HPL) technology works: The device releases pulses of light. The light becomes concentrated into each hair follicle, making its way down to the root. When it reaches the root, the heat from the light disables hair growth. Most people begin to see noticeable results in 3-4 weeks. After 8 weeks, many are very satisfied with how much their hair growth has slowed or been eliminated completely!



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