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The Silk’n FaceFX

The Silk’n FaceFX
We get it. You are constantly on the run. Whether it’s your house, your family, or any of the other thousands of things going on, you don’t have much time for yourself. Busy schedules can wear a person down, both emotionally and physically. We are here to help you with that. The Silk’n FaceFX is an anti-aging device that can help you control of the aging process. Using the FaceFX will allow you to look and feel better inside and out.

Why Use the FaceFX?

It is nearly impossible to make time for ourselves when we have so many other things going on. The Silk’n FaceFX allows you a professional treatment in the comfort of your own home. By eliminating the trip to the spa, you will have more time to do the things that are most important. Not only is the device a major time saver, it is also easy on the wallet. You can treat your face over and over again at a fraction of professional treatment prices, including Botox. Treatments with the FaceFX are safe and proven to be effective. Treat your skin with the device for four weeks. If you don’t see a noticeable reduction wrinkles and fine lines, Silk’n will refund your money in full. Honestly, there isn’t a good reason not to try the FaceFX. We know you will not be disappointed. Be sure to read FaceFX reviews to learn what actual users think about it.


How It Works

Does it seem to good to be true? Like the solution can’t possibly be so easy? The device is different than any other on the market. The secret is Home Fractional (HF) technology. The FaceFX device uses both fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating. This breakthrough technology helps to stimulate collagen production in your face. Collagen is an important protein that makes up 1/3 of the human body. The presence of collagen in the face helps to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. Since the FaceFX helps to stimulate production of the protein, regular treatments lead to a reduction in fine lines, wrinkles, and pore size. HF Technology has been clinically tested and is recommended by many dermatologists. So, yes! Reversing the effects of aging is much easier than you might think!

How To Use

Treatments with the FaceFX are simple. Simply turn on the device and hold it up to the area you wish to treat. Move it in a slow circular motion. You will feel the warmth of the deep thermal heating during your treatment. To see full results, eight weeks of regular treatment are recommended. However, there will be a noticeable difference in just four! For the best results, use the FaceFX with Silk’n Serum and Silk’n Dead Sea Mineral Cream. The serum will aid in preparing your skin to ensure the most effective treatment possible. The Dead Sea Mineral Cream helps to rehydrate your skin following your treatment.

FaceFx, Best skin care products

It is no wonder that the FaceFX was named a Best Beauty Buy in 2014 by InStyle Magazine. The luxurious, at-home, spa-like treatments will help to relax you bring youth back to your skin. Learn more about the FaceFX Anti-Aging Device! You’ll be happy you did!

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