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What People are Saying About the Silk’n FaceFX

What People are Saying About the Silk’n FaceFX

Technology has changed everything in recent years, even affecting the beauty industry. It’s not hard to find high tech beauty gadgets that claim to offer many benefits. The problem is, how do you know if they really work? We have always relied on other people’s experiences to convince us of beauty device’s effectiveness. For that reason, we are sharing two popular bloggers’ experience with the FaceFX Anti-Aging Device. As both ladies point out, the FaceFX is an at-home anti-aging device that uses a synergistic combination of fractional red light therapy and deep thermal heating, stimulating collagen production, improving skin texture, and achieving long-term soft, smooth, radiant skin. Keep reading to find out what these bloggers love about it!

Ninja Mommers—Anti-Aging Solutions

Ninja Mommers is a 30 year old stay at home mom living in Ontario, Canada. She has two children and loves to cook, garden, and blog. Ninja Mommers had experienced the same thing many of us have. She wanted to find an anti-aging solution that actually worked, but was overwhelmed by the many options that are available. Ninja Mommers had finally given up on finding the right solution for her, until she came across the Silk’n FaceFX.

red light therapy anti aging

30 is a hard age for anyone to reach. She realized that 30 wasn’t old, but she also realized she didn’t want to look 30. When she saw fine lines and wrinkles begin to develop on her face, she knew some action was required. That is why she was so excited when she saw the difference the FaceFX made on her face, after just three weeks! She is ecstatic that she found the device early on, so she can treat current wrinkles as well as prevent new ones from forming in the future. She plans to include the device in her anti-aging routine from here on out!

3 Chickens & a Boat—What to do When You’re 42 and Your Husband Calls You Haggard

Julie Nowell is the face behind 3 Chickens & a Boat. She is a proud mother and wife residing in British Columbia, Canada. Julie has always been a believer that beauty on the inside will radiate outwards to make you beautiful on the outside. However, that changed when she turned 40. Although she still felt beautiful on the inside, she noticed drastic changes in her outward appearance. She began to get fine lines and wrinkles and her complexion grew more uneven.

red light therapy for skin

She began to treat with the FaceFX device three times a week, and kept it a secret from her husband initially. She began to notice a difference right away, especially with the sun spots on her face. Her husband recently made a comment to her that made her think the FaceFX device truly doing what it’s supposed to. He said, “Wow, you look different. You look…younger.” He followed up by “You just look less haggard”. Now, we don’t recommend any husband tell their wife they used to look haggard! But we are happy Julie’s husband saw a difference in her complexion. We hope she continues to see improvement!

If that isn’t enough to convince you to purchase a FaceFX for yourself, check out more reviews here!

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