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Winter Must-Haves for Dry Skin

Winter Must-Haves for Dry Skin

Winter can be a rough time of year for a lot of reasons. It’s freezing cold, making it a nightmare to do anything outside. The snow makes traveling quite the affair. The air becomes dry, which can have negative effects on our skin. Although we can’t do much about the first two things listed, we can help with the third! There are many products available at Silk’n that allow you to treat your skin throughout the winter in order to have soft, glowing skin come spring and summer. Continue reading to find out the winter must-haves for dry skin!

1- Silk’n Body Lotion, $27.99

Winter skincare routine

The Silk’n Body Lotion uses the power of chamomile to take your skin from dry, itchy, and rough to hydrated, smooth, and soft. Chamomile is known for it’s ability to bring your skin to a healthy state. Chamomile comes from a flower which contains essential oils and flavanoids. The Silk’n Body Lotion contains both these things, helping it to lock in moisture 24/7! We recommend using the lotion all over daily – or more if you are very prone to dry skin. Using it before bed will allow your skin to absorb the nutrients overnight so it will be soft and smooth in the morning!

2- Silk’n Pedi, $29.00

winter skincare routine

Many people tend to neglect foot care during this time of the year – and we don’t blame them. It can be hard to remember to take care of your feet when they are covered up all the time. However, giving your feet proper attention now will ensure they are in the proper state come sandal season! The Silk’n Pedi is a savior for dry, rough feet any time of year. Super easy to use, the device comes with two different roller heads. One is for rough skin, one is for sensitive skin. Both do their part to rid your feet of calluses and dead skin, leaving only smooth and healthy skin behind.

The Pedi is portable and compact, making it easy to store or travel with! Using the pedi is much safer than getting a pedicure treatment at the salon, there are no sanitation issues to worry about. We recommend giving your feet the Pedi treatment once a week (more if needed), to keep your feet in great condition! It’s no wonder the device was chosen as a runner-up for the 2014 FITNESS “Beauty Awards” in the “Best Foot Product” category!

3- Silk’n Foot Cream, $29.99

winter skincare routine

The Silk’n Foot Cream is the perfect companion to the Silk’n Pedi. Most people know that feet often become more dry than skin on other locations. The Foot Cream is made with ingredients that treat a wide variety of dry skin conditions. It is formulated with menthol, eucalyptus, and shea butter to target your trouble spots and instantly moisturize! Beauty News NYC loves how the cream not only treats current skin issues, but also prevents future ones from occurring. They named it one of the best beauty products of 2015! Natural Solutions Magazine said their feet felt worthy of wearing glass slippers after just one application! The cream can be used daily. For best results, we suggest applying to feet before bed, then covering feet with cotton socks. This will allow the cream to work it’s magic throughout the night!

Using these 3 products will allow you to keep your skin looking and feeling its best all season long. Treat your skin now and you will be happy to show off your smooth skin in your swimsuit and sandals come spring and summer!

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