Home Hair Removal

Home Hair Removal

The Silk’n™ home hair removal device was tested for clinical safety and efficacy. 20 Patients were using the Silk’n™ at their home to remove unwanted body hairs. Treatment protocol involve 3 treatment sessions at 2 weeks intervals, results were followed at 3 months post last treatment. Results show average of 60% reduction in hair count at the follow up session. We can conclude that home hair removal with the Silk’n™ device is proven to be safe and effective.

At Home Hair Removal

Home hair removal was the long time goal of patients from the early days of using lasers and pulse light for hair removal. Based on the strong desire to be rid of unwanted hair from various parts of the body, Photo-Epilation became the number one medical cosmetic procedure. Since first introduced in 1995 laser hair removal and later pulsed light hair removal had been widely spread world wide. Due to devices’ cost, until recently the procedure was available only at physicians’ offices. The newly developed Silk’n™ – a small, low cost and safe home hair removal device, now makes it possible to let patients treat themselves at home.

Like professional-use devices the Silk’n™ home hair removal photo-epilation is based on light heating of the hair shaft created by selective absorption of optical energy that is accompanied by an acoustic effect. The primary challenge of photo-epilation is to deliver the right amount of energy to the hair root that is required to damage it, without affecting its surrounding tissue. Optimization of the Silk’n™ device was done by fine tuning energy parameters for safe and effective home hair removal treatment.

Study objectives

The clinical study was conducted to evaluate this new method of home hair removal. The study method included self-treatment with Silk’n™ at the participants’ home.

Methods and Patients

20 female patients with Fitzpatrick`s skin type 1 to 4 and various hair colors were selected for the study. Table 1 below, shows the distribution of patients by skin type. Patients’ ages ranged from 18 to 56 years.

A variety of body sites were chosen for the study, as shown in Table 2 below. Face was excluded from the study.

Skin Type Number of patients
 1  5
 2  6
 3  4
 4  5
Site Number of patients
 Underarm  9
 Bikini Line  9
 Arms  5
 Legs  11


Note that some patients treated multiple sites. Informed consent of all participants was obtained and the body sites to be treated were identified and photographed. A baseline hair count was obtained manually. The target areas were shaved prior to treatment. All users took Silk’n™ home and used it for their home hair removal treatments.

Treatment protocol and results

Immediate tissue response The immediate results of using home hair removal device were light erythema at 30% of the users that lasted for several minutes.


The study patients were observed 3 months after the treatment. A clinical examination and hair count were employed to access the efficacy of the treatment. Clearance (see Table 3 below) was calculated as the ratio between the value of the baseline hair count taken immediately pre-treatment and the value obtained at the 3-month post-treatment hair count. Reduction of hair count was seen at all patients. Maximum reduction in hair was observed 2 weeks after the third treatment. In table 3 presents the average hair reduction at the 3 months follow up session of using the Silk’n™ home hair removal device.

Discussion & Conclusion

The clinical study results show that all users got very good hair reduction with average values in the range of 50–70%. These home hair removal results are comparable to the results of professional systems used by health care providers. The Silkn™ Home hair removal methodologies based on photo-epilation systems have shown very good clinical results, with excellent efficacy and safety. The current study of a home hair removal using Silk’n™ further showed that even a small portable system has pulse energy that is strong enough to cause the desired delay in hair growth. Treatments were reported by the subjects to be virtually painless. The efficacy, absence of adverse side effects, and ease of patient experience shown in the clinical study prove that Silk’n™ can be used as a device for home hair removal.


  • Alyssa Naccarato
Your New Fall Skincare Routine

Your New Fall Skincare Routine

The air is getting cooler, and fall will officially be here in a week. If you are like us, you update your skincare routines every season. The weather can have a serious affect on your skin. If you are one of the lucky ones, you might have found a skincare routine that works year round. If that is the case, we are totally jealous! If not, check out some of our tips for your new fall skincare routine.

1) Try Microderm

The dry and harsh fall winter can cause skin to put up its defenses. It is common to experience a layer of dry, dead skin cells on your face. Many people don’t realize it’s there until they get rid of it. The layer can cause your skin to look aged, and in turn make you look older. Microdermabrasion is a great way to get rid of the dead skin that isn’t doing your complexion any favors. Luckily, you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars for microderm treatments at the salon. The ReVit device allows you to do it in the comfort of your own home. Just a one-time payment of $99 and you can do it as often as your skin needs!

2) Switch Up Your Moisturizer

Many areas tend to become drier after summer ends. If that is the case where you live, you may want to opt for a moisturizer that is slightly heavier, and will keep your skin hydrated all day long.  We Love the Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Cream. It offers serious skin-quenching without being greasy or oily. One application will keep your skin feeling smooth and soft all day long. Or if you want some extra anti-aging power, check out the new Silk’n Age-Defying Moisturizer!

3) Don’t Forget the SPF

It’s easy to ditch the sunscreen when the weather begins to cool off. Make sure you continue to wear sunscreen all through winter and fall. It will help protect your skin and keep it looking young as long as possible. If you are lazy like us, and don’t like to worry about putting on sunscreen everyday, we recommend getting a moisturizer with SPF. We love Olay Professional Pro-X Age Repair Lotion. With SPF 30, it will protect your skin all day long. The lotion also helps to fight the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, which is always a bonus!

4) Heal Your Hands

Fall is the perfect time to give your hands a little extra attention. We recommend keeping a hand cream in your purse at all times. Apply it whenever your hands feel rough or dry. Our long-time favorite is the Almond Hand & Nail Cream from The Body Shop. It gives ultra nourishment to hands and nails, leaving them soft, pretty, and perfect for all your new moody fall manicures.

5) Pamper Your Pout

Dried, cracked lips are anything but sexy. They also make it really hard to put on lipstick properly. Nothing is better than smooth, sexy lips for your favorite shade to go on. Keeping your lips moisturized at all times is a MUST! The Ultra Conditioning Lip Balm from Burt’s Bees is made with Kokum Butter. It is clinically proven to offer 4 hours of long-lasting moisturization. Trust us, your lips will appreciate the love.

6) Treat Your Feet

Springtime is often thought of as pedicure season. However, after months of sandal wearing your feet could use a little TLC during the fall season. The Silk’n Pedi will slough off dead skin and leave your feet feeling smooth and sexy, which compliments a pair of warm, fuzzy socks nicely! The device is available at for just $29.

These are some of the products that have worked best for us. Remember, it is all about personalization. Play with different products and treatments until you have perfected the skincare regime for you!

  • Alyssa Naccarato
Save 20% During the Silk’n Mother’s Day Event

Save 20% During the Silk’n Mother’s Day Event

Mother’s Day is coming up and Silk’n has the perfect way for you to celebrate. Save 20% sitewide during the Silk’n Mother’s Day event! Take advantage of big savings on the most popular devices during one of the biggest sales of the year. Treat yourself, your mother, or the both of you!

Flash&Go Express$299 $239

Now is the perfect time for you or your mother to start using the Flash&Go Express hair removal device. It is proven to permanently remove hair and can be used from the upper lip down to the toes! Remove hair on underarms, bikini line, legs, back, and any other area that your favorite swimsuit reveals. Say no to shaving and yes to smooth, sexy skin without the fuss! Save nearly $60 during the Silk’n Mother’s Day Event.

ReVit$99  $79

The ReVit microdermabrasion device is a skincare must-have for everyone! It’s a steal at its regular price of $99, so getting it for $79 is a great value. The device uses diamond encrusted exfoliator tips and gentle vacuum stimulation to remove the outer layer of dull, dead skin. The user is left with professional level results—healthy, glowing skin. This process gives your complexion with a natural glow. Use it with any of your favorite skincare products. It will help them work as effectively as possible. The mother in your life will love you for giving her the gift of glowing skin. Save $20 right now!

FaceFX$149 $119

Give your mom a spa-like experience in the comfort of her own home. The Silk’n FaceFX anti-aging device uses red light therapy to provide overall skin rejuvenation. The combination of red LED light and dermal heating help to give collagen a burst. Over time, this process helps to eliminate fine lines, wrinkles, and even skin discoloration. Treatments are soothing, relaxing, and very easy to do. Your mother can sit back with a glass of wine and enjoy her favorite TV show while using the FaceFX. She’ll be glowing 24/7! Save $30 during the Silk’n Mother’s Day Event.

Take advantage of the Silk’n Day Mother’s Event. Get her something she’ll truly enjoy!

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The Flash&Go Express

The Flash&Go Express

You may have heard that there is a brand new addition to the Silk’n hair removal family. The newest version of the Flash&Go is the best yet. It makes hair removal treatments a breeze. Keep reading to learn more about the Flash&Go Express.

How It’s Different

Although all versions of the Flash&Go device are very easy to use, the Express is the next step in innovation for at-home hair removal. The light-based hair removal technology has been integrated into an even more ergonomic design. The original Flash&Go models require the user to push the trigger in order to release the pulse of light that disables the hair follicle growth. With the express, the user only has to hold down the trigger once. Doing this enables the device to emit steady, evenly-spaced pulses of light. This new innovation helps to make treatments even faster, reducing them by up to 50%. This will enable you to complete an entire treatment and be on your way in no time, giving you more time to do the things that are important to you!

The new device is also much smaller than the previous models. It will take up less space in your cupboard, help to make treatments easier, and fit right in your purse! Finally, the Express has 300,000 pulses! That is more than 2x the pulses given by the Flash&Go Luxx. With the Flash&Go Express, you will never need another hair removal cartridge or device. It will give you all the pulses you need to get rid of unwanted hair anywhere!

How It Works

The Flash&Go Express uses the same technology as the other Flash&Go models. The devices are FDA approved and use the same patented HPL technology to target hair follicles and disable growth. Here’s how it works: the light energy from HPL is absorbed through the hair shaft, while the surrounding skin is cooled. The heat disables the growth of the hair shaft. After a series of treatments, you will notice hair growing back less and less, until your skin is finally silky and smooth.

How To Use It

Treatments with the device are extremely simple! Make sure you start with clean shaven skin. This will enable the device to target your hair follicles most effectively. Start on the lowest setting (1) and work your way up. If you are comfortable treatments at level 5, you should use it. Level 5 will give you the quickest results. Treat the desired areas by holding down the trigger. Do not treat the same spot more than once. Do this until the entire area has been treated. Moisturize your skin after use. Treat your skin once every two weeks for the first 3-4 treatment sessions. After that, treat each area as needed. Most people begin to see noticeable results after the first 3-4 treatment sessions. See the below before and after photos of people who have use the device!


Why You Need It

We all know that shaving is a pain. It wastes your precious time every time you have to stop and shave your legs in the shower. It wastes tons of money – how often do you find yourself having to buy new razors? With the Flash&Go, it is a one time purchase for a lifetime of smooth skin. In the long run, using the Flash&Go will save you hundreds of dollars that would be more wisely spent elsewhere. And last but definitely not least, smooth skin is sexy! Imagine never having to worry about stubbly armpits, legs, or bikini lines ever again. You can throw on your swimsuit and hit the beach without thinking twice! Stop the madness of shaving and waxing and get the Flash&Go Express!

The Flash&Go Express is just $299, only $10 more than the Flash&Go Luxx. Trust us, you won’t regret your decision to purchase it! Click here if you want to read some of the most frequently asked questions about the Flash&Go models.

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Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

Last Minute Halloween Makeup Ideas

So, Halloween is tomorrow. We aren’t sure how that happened. But somehow we are finding ourselves in the same situation as nearly every other year: the day before, with no idea what we are going to wear tomorrow night. It’s times like these when Pinterest is a total savior. There are hundreds of last minute halloween makeup ideas. They are all fun, and most require very little effort. Check out some of our favorite looks below, all found on Pinterest!

1. Scarecrow

How adorable is this? Just break out a plaid flannel shirt, and old beach hat, and you have the perfect scarecrow look. Use an orange shade of lipstick for the nose and cheeks, and black eyeliner for the rest! Easy peasy, right?

2. Forest Fawn

If cute woodland creatures are your thing, this look is perfect for you! The makeup is simple enough. Follow the contour of your cheek with a caramel brown shade of blush or foundation. Over-embellish your cat eye using white. Grab a couple of sticks from the backyard, make some years with felt, and tie it all together with a headband.

3. Chic Skull

Super easy to do, the majority of this look is just black eye liner. To make it look more realistic, use a pale foundation. This look can be completed in less than an hour, easily. You’re welcome.

4. Kitty Cat

Perhaps the easiest look on our list: the classic cat. Your cat eye skills will definitely come in handy for this look! Add some whiskers and outline your red pout with black and wa-lah! Here’s a tip: the look is super cute with a pair of cat ears and a little black dress.

5. Marionette Doll

Creepy and chic, this look is great if your makeup skills are limited. Just bring your foundation in on the sides of each lip to create a straight line. Use a bright red lipstick to fill in the remaining space. Draw a straight line from the corner of your lips to the bottom of your chin. Do the same around your nose. Some fake eyelashes help to amp up the overall look.

6. Pretty Witch

This look is pretty self explanatory. Pair your cobweb eyes with a long black dress and a pointy hat, and you will be turning heads all night long.

7. Medusa

We love the creativity of this! One trip to the dollar store for some rubber snakes, and you will be looking ready to turn anyone into stone. Add a little extra detail to your eyes with a fun color, and your medusa look will be complete.

8. Comic Book Queen

Okay, so this requires more effort than the other looks on our list. But it is too cool not to include! This has been a popular go-to costume for the past couple of years, and we love it. The dots all over look like the print of a comic book. The thick black lines make you look like a drawn character pulled right off the page.

9. Mime

Some good white face makeup may be the only thing you have to purchase to complete this look. Black eyeliner can be used for the eye details, eyebrows, tear, and lips. A black and white outfit take the costume to the next level.

10. Egyptian Goddess

Last but not least, this gorgeous look does require some makeup skills. We love the color and details used around the eyes, as well as the shimmery metallic lipstick. The headpiece makes the look even more beautiful.

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The FaceFx - A Fall Must Have

The FaceFx - A Fall Must Have

As of yesterday, it is officially fall. Fall is a favorite season of ours. We love the layered clothing, the football games, and pumpkin spice everything! We love to try the new beauty products that come our way in the fall. There are lots of fantastic products this year. However, there are some tried and tested products that never fail to give us the fall vibes. One of these is the FaceFX anti-aging device from Silk’n.

What Is It?

If you have never heard of the FaceFX, we will fill you in! The device is the most advanced at-home anti-aging device. It uses cutting edge technology to deliver real results in the comfort of your own home. The device helps to get rid of wrinkles and fine lines. It smoothens the skin’s texture. It brightens skin color, and it reduces pore size. These things help to give the user a youthful glow; slowing the aging process and making them look years younger! Thousands of people are happy with their results from the revolutionary anti-aging technology.

How Does It Work?

Does it sound too good to be true? We understand if you are hesitant to believe that such a device exists! The secret is in the technology. The FaceFX uses Home Fractional technology. It is a combination of fractional light and dermal heating, which helps to achieve youthful, radiant skin. Fractional light uses red LED that help to stimulate growth. It also increases circulation, which helps to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, and pores. Dermal heating helps tighten the skin by heating the collagen deep under the surface. The overall results is a soothing treatment that will leave you feeling and looking years younger!

How Do I Use It?

The device is very easy to use. First, connect the device to a power source. Following that, press the power switch. Once the green light stops blinking and turns steady, it is ready for treatment! Hold the treatment surface to your skin. It is normal to feel a warm sensation. Move the device in small circular motions on the areas you wish to treat. For best results, do it for 5-7 minutes on each area. The device can be used on the face, see diagram below for treatment areas. Following treatment, apply your favorite moisturizer to maximize results. We recommend the Age-defying Moisturizer, which will help take your anti-aging treatment a step further!


Why Do I Need It Now?

The FaceFX is a wonderful device to use year round. However, as mentioned above, fall is a great time to use the device. After summer, most people’s skin are in need of some TLC. The sun can damage the skin and speed up the aging process. Fall is a perfect time to reverse that damage, and give your skin the care it deserves. Treatments with the device are wonderfully soothing, offering a warm, spa-like experience that compliments the cool weather perfectly. What are you waiting for? Pick up your FaceFX, and start your anti-aging treatments this season!

  • Alyssa Naccarato