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Replacement Brushes & Brush Heads

Part of a total skin care treatment, Silk’n offers a line of replacement Swirl & Pure brushes and brush heads that gently cleanse and exfoliate, leaving your skin brightened and refreshed. Pair with your favourite cleanser for a deep clean that removes dirt, oil and makeup. Enjoy quick treatments that give your skin a glow first thing in the morning or before you head out for an evening. You can even exfoliate in the shower or bath with these facial cleansing brushes.

Designed with an ergonomic handle so you can control and direct the dual-speed device, providing maximum comfort and efficiency. Our collection of deep cleansing facial brushes is safe for most skin types as brush heads are made using soft bristles that move smoothly.

Choose from two different types of replacement cleaning brushes for the Silk’n Pure facial cleaning device, one brush designed for regular skin types, available in a two packs, and another for sensitive skin, sold in single packs. Replacement brushes for both versions of the Swirl facial cleaner are available in two packs, both using soft flexible brushes designed to deliver a deep clean, helping to exfoliate skin.

Find the best fit for your skin. Once you discover the right brush, it will quickly become part of your regular cleansing routine. Your skin will look younger and more radiant, and best of all, you get spa-quality treatment at your convenience with paying only a fraction of the price. It’s recommended that you replace the brush head every 3 months.


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