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Pedicure/Manicure Care

Calluses and dry skin can cause discomfort and make walking and running unpleasant. Silk’n has developed a popular line of skin care devices specifically for your feet. Most people can’t afford weekly pedicures, so luckily, this line of pedicure products is a cost-effective way to treat your feet whenever you want.

This at-home collection of pedicure devices includes:

Each device will give you supple skin in the privacy of your home and is considered more sanitary and effective than other pedicure treatments. In addition, they are travel-friendly and compact so you can enjoy treatments wherever you are.

Ergonomically designed, battery operated, and powerful enough to painlessly and safely remove the most stubborn calluses in only a few minutes. Different accessories are available for these devices, allowing you to treat your feet based on the level of severity. For instance, our Pedi Callus Remover comes with two roller options. One roller has a coarse grain head to smooth out tough areas. The other roller offers a softer fine grain head to polish gentler areas that are less affected.

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