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Replacement Rollers, Filters & Tips

Silk’n is a household name for hair removal and skin care but did you know that we offer a wide variety of pedicure and manicure accessories? Our ReVit, Pedi and PediPro products are wildly popular for people who want smooth, soft and gorgeous hands and feet. By purchasing the appropriate filter or refill for your device, you can ensure that it’s working well and save money on replacement devices or spa treatments. Depending on your device or devices, you may need:

The Silk’n ReVit/Reveal Refill Filters pack come with 30 refills, and helps in the collection of skin particles after they are suctioned off your skin and into the device. After multiple uses, a clean filter increases the longevity of the device and makes the vacuum mechanism work properly.

The Silk’n Pedi Refill Rollers comes in a two-pack: the first roller softens your feet and removes dead skin. The second coarser roller smooths out dry heels and callouses. Both rollers provide amazing results every time.

For manicure lovers, The PediPro is the ultimate device, leaving them shiny and healthy-looking. This device’s refill packs include one polishing head to even out the nail, creating a consistent and flawless surface. It also includes one gentler head to deliver a velvety and level nail plane.

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