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About Us

Silk'n Skincare technology

Silk'n About Us CFO

Developed for Physicians, Made for You

10 years ago, respected members of the scientific, medical and business communities pooled their talents and experiences to create a retail version of the cosmetic technologies used by professionals. These aesthetic devices would allow people to receive salon-level treatment discreetly, affordably, easily and with excellent results.

Led by CEO, Moshe Mizrahy, this esteemed group set out to blaze a new trail for skin care. Home Skinovations Ltd., was created and has since ascended to the top of the home cosmetic sector with a cherished line of products, including hair removal, anti-aging, cellulite and skin care devices.

10 Million Beautiful Users in 10 Years

Silkn’s journey started by sensing the opportunity to apply the benefits of Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology towards permanently eradicating unwanted hair for both men and women. This vision for healthier skin for at home consumers is now a reality with over 10 million devices sold. That’s 10 million devices helping people achieve softer, clearer, smoother skin that feels taut and youthful.

Silk’n began this journey by recognizing the opportunity to expand the effective use of at home Intense Pulse Light (IPL) technology for permanently removing unwanted hair for both men and women.

Not only was this the first pulsed-light hair removal product for home use, but the first to be cleared by the FDA. From this accomplishment came the inspiration and imagination to develop a complete line of beautiful skin care technology solutions using not only Intense Pulse Light, but Radio Frequency, Infrared heat, LED Red light and Blue light technologies.

Silk'n At Work

Beautiful Technology, Beautiful Skin

Each of these beautiful Silk’n technologies has been clinically tested and proven by renowned dermatologists and cosmetic physicians.

Our hair removal devices flawlessly and permanently remove unwanted hair. Our anti-aging products make skin radiant, while the Silhouette helps reduce cellulite. Our Blue acne destroyer clears up acne to give you the self-esteem you deserve, while our Pedi products successfully transform your hands and feet.

Discover remarkable results that come with using our technologies. They have improved not only people’s skin but also their everyday lives.

Silk'n At Work