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Acne Treatments

Acne Treatments

Acne Elimination

Out of all the skin blemishes, acne can be the most stubborn, persistent and troublesome—negatively impacting our lives in every way. Making matters worse, most treatments provide limited results or can even cause future outbreaks. Acne comes in different forms: there are pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, papules, cysts and nodules. Some are light, some are dark and some are small pink bumps that live under the skin.

Common treatment methods include medication that can contain side effects, over-the-counter products made with harsh chemicals or pricey spa treatments. Only Silk’n offers a device like the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, that is safe, affordable and effective.

This Resource Centre offers insight, advice and instruction on how to build a comprehensive acne treatment plan using Blue. This device is designed to target acne-causing bacteria. It’s safe for teenagers and adults and can be used on more sensitive skin. Treatments are easy to perform, the device is easy to use and the results are amazing.   

Enjoy these resources to finally rid your skin of acne. Pairing Blue with the knowledge of what causes acne and why certain treatments have let you down in the past can help pave the way to healthier skin. In fact, Blue might be the last acne device you will ever have to use.

Devices to Treat Acne : Blue Can Solve your Acne Problems!

Silkn’s Blue, acne treatment product uses blue LED light to safely penetrate below the skin to target acne-causing bacteria. This device also uses dermal heating to dry out oil producing glands, and can be used to treat your face and body. By using Blue per its instructions, existing acne will heal and you will notice a reduction in future breakouts.

Millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with Blue. This device is Health Canada cleared and it is safe to use on all types of acne for teenagers and adults. Treatments are safe, painless and since no chemicals are used it’s all natural. After only 4 weeks of using the device, you should notice a reduction in active acne.

The are no side effects and don’t be alarmed if you feel a warm sensation during use and if the treated areas becomes slightly red. By performing the recommended course of treatment, your skin will feel cleansed and rejuvenated and your acne issues will be a thing of that past.

How Blue Works

The Blue Acne Eliminator combines fractional blue light and deep thermal heating, two advanced technologies that prior to Silk’n were only available through professional treatments. Treatments for active acne should only last 3-4 minutes on each area.

Blue can treat all forms of acne and is safe for sensitive skin. It’s non-invasive, so to perform a treatment, simply press it against your skin and the mild heat will work without any additional pressure being applied. The device comes with temperature control, a built-in safety feature that lets you treat without any concern that you’ll overheat or even burn your skin. This temperature sensor tip ensures that the skin’s surface remains at 41°C/106°F.

While Blue was developed with the most modern and effective technologies, and can work for most skin types, it won’t work on raised dark brown or black spots, birth marks or moles. If you have wounds or an infection, it’s best to wait until they’ve healed before using Blue.

Blue is an advanced acne solution that can heal active acne while reducing the chance of future breakouts. In the case of teenaged users, beauty and skincare experts recommend taking a proactive approach and starting an acne routine during the early stages of adolescence. It has been proven that the care we give our skin in our teens and twenties will dictate its health into our forties and fifties.

Recommended Treatment Method

For the Blue to successfully heal acne and prevent future breakouts, you need to follow the proper treatment guidelines. A full treatment yields positive results in a short amount of time, including clear skin that is free of acne or acne scarring. They report having a balanced complexion and improved skin tone and texture.

The proper treatment process includes:

? Plug in device, when the orange indicator light appears, press the power button to turn on the device. Green indicator light means it is ready to use.

? Prior to each treatment, wash your face with soap and clean with a dry towel to make sure your targeted area(s) is free of makeup and creams.

? Place the device on your skin. It will automatically activate.

? Hold the Blue applicator against the active acne you want to treat for 3-4 minutes for each area.

     ? Repeat for the other areas you wish to treat.

? It’s recommended that users perform the treatment once or twice per day for 4 weeks.

Like the FaceFX, if you wish to treat your entire face as a preventative measure or to maintain results, then a session should last 5-7 minutes for each area. If you have active acne, do not treat the entire face in one shot as this can spread bacteria leading to further breakouts.

Once you’ve completed a full course of treatments, you can immediately begin a maintenance program. By adhering to a maintenance regime, you will see further improvements in the health of your skin, and not have to worry about recurring acne.

Results may vary but millions all over the world have discovered naturally beautiful and radiant skin from using Blue. Its advanced technologies and ability to treat acne at its source has helped people feel their most confident.

Additional Acne Fighting Tools

Build an Impressive Collection to Fight Acne

Silk’n knows what it takes to fight acne, which is why it created a collection of acne fighting tools that deliver the most radiant skin possible. To get the most out of the Blue Acne Eliminator Device, pair it with the Silk’n Pure Facial Cleansing Brush.

Pure removes all traces of makeup, creams and ointments that linger on your face even after washing. Pure is effective in instantly decreasing impurities and reducing pore size, making the skin more amenable to skincare products.

Pure removes 6x more makeup and dirt than regular washing. It comes with several noteworthy features:

? 2 Interchangeable brushes and countertop stand

? 2 function modes: vibrating and pulsating

? 2 speed settings: deep-cleansing and gentle clean

? Water resistant so you can use it in the bath or shower

? Rechargeable and cordless making it travel-friendly


Pure works on all skin types and forms of acne. To use, follow these simple instructions:

? Choose from one of two brushes that best suits your skin type.

? Push the brush onto the attachment point until you hear a click. Don’t force the brush on.

? Wet your face with lukewarm water.

? Moisten the brush with lukewarm water and apply a touch of cleansing lotion onto the brush head.

? Turn on the device by pressing the On/Off button

? Select your preferred mode.

? Press the brush softly onto the area you want to treat and move it in an upward, circular motion.

? Treat each area for 10 seconds. We recommend separating the cleansing into 6 sections - forehead, nose, chin, left cheek, right cheek and neck.

? After one minute, the brush will automatically switch off. This indicates that your treatment is complete.

? Rinse your skin with water and dry with a towel.

Using the Blue Acne Treatment Device

Using the Blue Acne Treatment Device

By using the Silk’n Blue device per its instructions you can treat bacteria causing acne, acne scarring and protect your skin from future infections.

To start, remove the device and its contents from its packaging.

You will want to conduct treatment on skin that is totally dry and clean of any makeup, creams or powders. Follow these instructions to properly use Blue:

Plug in the device.

Turn the device on by pressing the ON/OFF button.

     The indicator lights will come on, when the light is a steady orange, press the power button. The light will turn green and is ready to use.

Place the device against your skin.

     The device’s LED sensor will detect skin and automatically activate.

     Hold the device in place against the treatment area of your skin for 4 minutes for each area. You will notice the temperature increase gradually.

Once you’ve treated an area, move to the next area and treat for another 4 minutes.

     Repeat for each area you wish to treat.


Clean Blue after each use following these steps:

Turn off the device and unplug it.

Let the treatment surface cool.

Use a clean and dry cloth and isopropyl alcohol to gently wipe the device, focusing on the treatment surface area that was in contact with your skin.

Note: Blue cannot be submerged in water or cleaned in a dishwasher.

Duration of Acne Treatments

Properly using Blue is key to receiving the desired treatment results. We recommend reviewing the “How to Use the Blue Device” section to make sure you get the most out of your treatments. The other part of a successful treatment plan is knowing how long a session should last and what constitutes a full treatment.

The recommended treatment course for Blue users includes using the device once or twice a day for a period of 4 weeks. You will want to treat each area of active acne for 4 minutes for each area.

The session duration is how long it takes for the device to reach the optimal temperature to heal acne. This device uses an advanced technology at peak power, which lowers treatment times and truncates the length of a full treatment. Results may vary and those with more severe acne might need to continue treatments for upwards of 8 weeks.

Allow time for wounds and infections to heal before treating. If you have used a prescribed medication within 6 months of treatment, consult with your doctor before using Blue.