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Hair Removal

At home permanent hair removal

Silk’n Beginnings

For over a decade, Silk’n has been assisting millions of people with their most persistent hair removal problems. It all started when a team of noted scientists, engineers and business leaders came together to create minimally-invasive hair removal devices that deliver impeccable results. By making professional-level treatments safe and available for at-home use through its line of advanced devices, Silk’n has revolutionized the way people safely remove hair from their upper lip, arms, legs, underarms and forearms.

Designed for your hair removal needs, all Silk’n hair removal devices are Health Canada approved and leverage the power of the most cutting-edge technologies: Intense Pulsed Light (IPL), Home Pulsed Light, Radio Frequency, Infrared heat, LED Red Light and Blue light technologies.

permanent hair removal device

The results speak for themselves as users will enjoy silky smooth skin that is softer and has improved elasticity and overall health. These treatments are quick and easy, saving users the time and money associated with costly spa or salon appointments.

Browsing our Resource Centre will help you learn about the Silk’n approach to hair removal, including why its technologies are so effective and how to conduct a proper treatment. In addition, you will be introduced to the Flash&Go series comprised of three remarkable devices, each with their own benefits to help you achieve hairless skin.  

You will have visible results early in the treatment process, and after completing a full treatment you will have the skin you’ve always dreamed about. 

Our Hair Removal Products

Express permanent hair removal device

Silk’n has created the most innovative collection of hair removal products that are safe, affordable and offer optimal and long-lasting results. You will enjoy quick treatments without any discomfort or pain as you remove hair from your face, arms, legs and bikini area without an ounce of worry. Finally, a reason for people with unwanted facial and body hair to rejoice.

The Flash&Go Express is a convenient device that works quicker than other devices. It comes in an ergonomically designed body that treats hair in just 20 minutes without leaving a trail of bumps and stubbles. Treatments take half as long as previous models but it’s never at the expense of quality. This device loads pulses twice as fast, delivering an exceptional treatment in minutes, not hours.

The Flash&Go Compact has an upgraded design making it even more travel-friendly. This device can easily remove hair on your face, arms, legs and bikini line. A perfect replacement for pricy laser treatments, the Flash&Go Compact will leave skin looking soft and smooth without any irritations.

The easy-to-use Flash&Go Jewel uses a smaller surface area to treat small areas. By harnessing HPL technology, the Jewel lets you remove the most stubborn hair from your face and body. No refills required and it’s effective for all hair types and most hair colours.

How Our Hair Removal Products Work

Silk’n uses the latest technologies to power its hair removal products. These technologies have been employed by medical and cosmetic professionals for decades but are now available for at-home use. The Flash&Go Express, the Flash&Go Jewel and the Flash&Go Compact are engineered with an advanced version of Intense Pulsed Light known as Home Pulsed Light (HPL).

hair removal treatment

HPL effectively decreases hair growth by omitting an optical light pulse. The pigment absorbs the energy and transforms it to attack hair without any damage to your skin. HPL is more efficient than traditional hair removal lasers. It achieves this by using less energy at a higher peak power. The result is superior results. Don’t worry if results aren’t visible after a few treatments. Typically, 60% of hair must be removed before you can spot the difference.

hair removal treatment

Choose the device that best suits your need:

The Flash&Go Express offers convenience in the form of quick treatment times. The Flash&Go Jewel is designed to treat smaller areas of skin. The Flash&Go Compact’s upgraded design is travel-friendly, perfect for busy professionals or people who are always on the go.

Depending on your treatment goals, you can use more than one device.

Proof is in the Pudding – Real Results

Professional waxing is unpleasant, often painful, but worth the results. By creating your own 6-month Silk’n skincare routine, you can skip the salon but still enjoy the same professional results from the most revolutionary hair removal devices. Users of the Flash&Go series report painless treatments and successful hair removal.

Silk’n results vary because everyone experiences hair growth differently based on their own growth cycle. Our hair removal devices offer similar results within the same timeframe as professional treatments. Most users will see some improvement in facial and body hair after only a few quick treatments.

To experience the best results, you must shave prior to treatment. It is also important to understand that the light sensor is sensitive, it can read shadows and will not flash on dark areas, so be sure that the sensor is in full contact to skin. In addition, the sensor won’t flash over dark skin areas like moles and tattoos. Don’t worry, you can still treat in the summer—simply use a lower energy level.

You can read about the results that users have experienced by visiting the Silk’n online community on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, by visiting the testimonials on each product page, or reading the clinical studies section

at home permanent hair removal

Hair Growth Cycles & Hair Composition

Unwanted hair is a universal problem that causes millions of people to feel frustrated and put themselves at risk stemming from improper hair removal. As part of your hair removal treatment plan, it’s recommended to learn as much as possible about hair growth so that you can tailor treatments, understand the health benefits and set expectations.

Hair is a protein that requires blood and hormones to survive and grow. It is made of two parts: the follicle that grows beneath skin and continues to grow after hair is cut or falls out until the effects of age dictate otherwise. The other part is the shaft, which grows above the skin and is visible to the human eye. Hair grows at a standard rate and traditional methods like waxing and shaving don’t change the frequency or volume of hair growth. In addition, waxing and shaving can result in stubble, razor burn and ingrown hairs. Each of these side effects is associated with health risks like infection.

at home permanent hair removal

Proper hair removal should consist of treating the follicle in addition to the shaft.

The follicle grows in four stages:


1) Anagen

2) Catagen

3) Telogen

4) Exogen

1) Anagen

Anagen is the stage where our hair grows. 80-90% of our hair is in this phase at any point, and depending on the individual, and the body area, can stay in this phase for 4-8 weeks, and for the scalp, up to 2 years.

2) Catagen

During the catagen stage, the follicle shrinks and detaches as it renews and transitions into the next stage. At any given time, most hair is not in the catagen stage.

3) Telogen

The telogen stage is a three-month resting phase where old hair is stagnant but new hair forms and grows.

4) Exogen

The exogen phase is the end of the rest phase. This is when hair will separate from the follicle and detach—also known as the shedding stage.

Shaving, plucking and waxing is only a short-term solution to hair removal, and tends to irritate the skin leaving bumps, redness or scarring. A common misconception is that traditional treatments cause hair to grow back thicker and stronger. This is not true, so don’t worry about having to shave your face or body prior to treatment. Also, you can treat at any point during your hair growth cycle. The only time you should wait a bit is after waxing as it’s recommended to wait a week so that the root can produce more hair.

Removing Hair

To maximize your hair removal treatments, you must use each device as intended. This will guarantee that treatments are administered in such a way so that you can enjoy positive results. Often, people believe their device isn’t working, when in reality, they are just not following directions. The first direction to note is that you must shave an area prior to treatment. We also recommend you follow the ideal routine: shower, shave, treat and moisturize.

Once you have received your Flash&Go device, follow these steps prior to treatment:

?  Shave the treatment area and make sure skin is clean and dry.

? Remove everything from the boxes.

? Plug in the cord into an electrical outlet and attach the other end to the device.

? The Ready Indicator Light will turn on, signalling that the device is ready to be used.

Silk'n Infinity permanent hair removal device

Spot Testing

Follow these instructions to run a spot test to ensure your skin won’t negatively react to the device:

? Choose a small section of your skin.

? Press the treatment surface against your skin.

? Press the button to emit a pulse.

      ?Remember you’re only testing one small area so do not move the device to other areas, and don’t overlap passes.

?Wait a day, and if your skin isn’t red or irritated than start your first treatment.

Infinity permanent hair removal device

Treatment Procedure

Follow these steps to properly use your hair removal product:

? Turn the machine on and choose an energy level.

     We recommend starting on the lowest energy level.

? Once the device is on, the indicator light will activate, telling you that the device is ready for its first pulse.

? Press the device on your skin and press the button to activate one pulse of light.

     ? It’s normal to hear a short popping sound as the device flashes – this will get slightly louder as you increase the device energy levels.

     ? You can press and hold the button to glide across your skin.

     ? Make sure you don’t overlap your passes.

     ? The sensor will detect skin that is acceptable for treatment.

?Devices automatically recharge for the next pulse after a couple of seconds.

See the “Treatment Duration” section to learn how long you should conduct treatments for.

You can pair your Silk’n hair removal treatment with professional treatments to get the desired results. Many will go through their full salon treatments, and then use our devices for their maintenance program.

Do you feel that your Silk’n device isn’t getting the job done? Double check that you are following all instructions to a tee. If you feel that you have effectively used the device, please call our helpline at 1-877-367-4556 and we’ll walk through things with you and help resolve the issue.

Silk'n Infinity permanent hair removal

Hair Removal Treatment Durations

Silk’n built its reputation on quick and efficient treatments that remove facial and body hair with the same expertise and efficiency as salons, spas and clinics. Some of our first products cost $900 and the replacement light cartridges with 750 flashes were $100. Due to price, treatments were built to conserve pulses and extend the lifespan of a cartridge. Fortunately, through new product design, our products now come with unlimited pulses so treatments are based solely on your hair removal needs. A complete treatment typically lasts 6 months, and produce similar results to that of professional treatments.

Our hair removal devices should be used once every two weeks for the first 4-5 sessions and results are typically visible between 4-8 weeks. We recommend using lower energy levels during the early phases of treatment. This will extend treatment duration but it gives your skin the chance to grow acclimated to the device.   

Depending on the device, and areas being treated, treatments can be completed in 20 to 30 minutes. For example – the underarms are a quick area, completed in less than 5 minutes, while lower legs can take 10-15 minutes to treat.

permanent hair removal treatment

It’s important to note that you can only target areas recognized by the device’s sensor. See our “Proof is in the Pudding – Real Results” section to better understand why certain skin types, tones and conditions may not work with our hair removal devices.

Often overlooked is that you’ll need to adopt an ongoing maintenance plan to deal with the millions of dormant follicles. With professional treatments, the common practice is to wait a year in between treatment sessions and maintenance because they want to have enough random hairs to do a full treatment. Due to hair growth cycles, maintenance is different for everyone, some people don’t experience hair growth for months or even years, while others may need monthly treatments.  A true benefit of Silk’n hair removal devices, though, is that you don’t have to wait to start maintenance.

During the maintenance period, many users ask about the best way to treat the random hairs that appear after shaving them. We recommend using a white make up pencil to circle the areas before shaving, that way it’s clear where you need to use your hair removal device.

Make sure that you’re carefully following the treatment guidelines to ensure hair removal success with your new hair removal product.