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Healthier Skin -  Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion (microderm) is a proven technique to make skin look healthier, younger and brighter. It has proven to expertly remove dead skin cells, allowing healthier skin to surface. Silk’n offers the best at-home microderm treatment via two devices, the ReVit, and its upgraded version, the Reveal.

These devices safely and quickly exfoliate the skin to reduce blemishes by removing dead skin cells. Both devices are easy-to-use, provide 100% crystal-free treatment and are built with a vacuum stimulation to collect the unhealthy skin after removal. After only a few quick treatments, you will see your face in a whole new light.

By using this section of the Resource Centre, you will have a better understanding of how to use these devices and how to conduct a refreshing salon-like microderm treatment. You will also be connected to expert advice and opinions.

Results can vary but after completing a full microderm treatment plan, your skin will look and feel noticeably healthier. Explore these microderm resources to learn why this method has gained such a loyal global following. It might be what your skincare routine has been missing all these years.

Best of all, you don’t have to spend a small fortune on over priced microderm treatments.

Microdermabrasion Products

Take the first step towards beautiful skin by learning about the ReVit and the Reveal microderm devices. Then, you’ll be ready to create a treatment plan that will reduce damaged skin cells. These products offer a unique combination of 100% crystal-free microdermabrasion and powerful vacuum stimulation.

The ReVit is a remarkable device that unveils your most beautiful skin by removing the layer of old skin that’s been covering it. This device comes with 3 tips (precision, medium and coarse) and replaceable filters. The ReVit can treat fine facial lines, lines around the eyes, skin discolouration, dark spots, dull and damaged skin, as well as improve the appearance of small scars. A great option for both men and women and for anyone with sensitive skin.

The Reveal is an improved version of the ReVit device. It is more ergonomic and more equipped to exfoliate damaged skin cells, reduce pore size and reveal your true skin tone and texture. The Reveal comes with two treatment tips: fine and coarse, as well as a load of replacement filters. It is built with two suction speeds, so you can customize a treatment to your skin type and beauty needs.

How Silk’n Microderm Devices Work

 Silk’n microdermabrasion devices use the most advanced technology to exfoliate skin and collect dead skin cells for easy disposal. These technologies were once only available to the medical community and cosmetic professionals, but Silk’n has leveraged them to create two at-home microderm devices that provide real results. Both offer high and low suction modes to suit the various needs of users. These devices essentially work the same but the Reveal is the advanced version with improved features.

The ReVit has a diamond peeling tip. This gently exfoliates your skin to reduce the damaged skin cells. It collects these skin cells in a replaceable filter via vacuum suction. This device’s power resides in how it marries exfoliation with suction to stimulate skin, remove and collect dead cells and rejuvenate its health. The evidence of its effectiveness can be found in the filter and in how your skin colour is more balanced and features less blemishes.

The Silk’n Reveal Diamond Microderm Wand is suitable for most skin types. The Reveal also uses diamond peeling tips to draw out unhealthy skin cells into a replaceable filter. You can adjust the device’s intensity based on your skin sensitivity. With improved suction power, you should only use the device once or twice per week. It is recommended that you replace the treatment tip once a year but you do not need to replace the rubber cap.

Microdermabrasion Treatment Steps

For the ReVit and the Reveal, it is imperative to follow setup and treatment steps closely as this will ensure you experience the best results.

Follow these directions prior to using either device:

▪ Wash your face with cleanser and water.

▪ Choose a filing tip from these three options:

     ◦ Coarse – for higher intensity exfoliating

     ◦ Fine – for gentler treatment

▪ Precision – for delicate treatment

     ◦ Press the device’s ON button – this selects the low setting.

▪ Place the treatment surface against your skin and start treating your first target section.

▪ Complete 2-3 strokes (or passes), total treatment time should take 5-10 minutes.

▪ Hold the device like a pencil and use clean, complete strokes.

▪ After you’ve completed your session, turn the device off by pressing the ON button if you are on high or by pressing it twice if you are on low.

▪ Wash your face with water and apply a gentle non-perfumed moisturizer.

We recommend starting with a lower suction intensity until you become familiar with the device. Start on the low setting, to help your skin grow accustomed to the device. After a few sessions, you can increase intensity based on your comfort and skin sensitivity.

Exfoliation Explained

Skin exfoliation refers to the removal of the old dead cells that live on the top layer of skin. There are two ways to undergo skin exfoliation, one involves harsh chemicals (facials and chemical peels) and the other involves having to physically exfoliate with a tool like a loofah.

Chemical treatments include a high concentration of salicylic acid, glycolic acid and certain fruit enzymes and citric acid, and are usually performed by medical professionals or aestheticians. You can find versions with lower concentration in over-the-counter products. As with any products that use chemicals, this type of skin exfoliation can lead to irritation, blotching or further blemishes. Treatments where you must physically exfoliate your skin involve using an abrasive element to scrub, such as a sponge or a micro-bead pumice.

Silk’n is unique in that it has two non-invasive devices, the ReVit and the Reveal, that can be used effortlessly and don’t require any chemicals. Both exfoliate skin without long treatment times often associated with a chemical process, and they don’t require an additional agent like body wash. They simply use the best technology that for a long time wasn’t available for the at-home market.

The ReVit and the Reveal promote healthy skin cell growth through microdermabrasion. They gently exfoliate facial and body skin to remove dull looking skin. The way these devices combine exfoliation and suction stimulate your skin to make it smoother and younger-looking. By bringing healthy skin to the surface, you can then treat it so that it can continue to look and feel refreshed.

A pro tip is to pair the ReVit or the Reveal with the Blue Acne Eliminator Device. Your microderm device of choice will remove dead skin cells, allowing Blue to treat acne causing bacteria.

Microderm Treatment Instructions

Microderm Treatment Instructions

The ReVit and the Reveal are specifically designed to be operated a certain way. This means adhering to the correct duration, using proper strokes and being careful with how you treat certain areas like the nose and around the eyes.

Follow these steps when treating specific parts of your face with either device. It is always best to use clean, uninterrupted strokes:

Chin and Cheeks:

Begin on your cheekbone and stroke the device to the area just in front of your ear. Next, do the same toward your other ear. Then, perform downward strokes to cover your chin.

Lip Area:

Gently move the device on the skin between your upper lip and nose. You will want to make sure to not let the diamond tip touch your upper lip.

Eye Areas:

Use a downward motion stroke on the section of skin between your eye and ear. Then, work out, toward your temple. Lastly, treat the area below your eye. Careful not to stroke the eyelid and be cautious when treating anywhere close to your eyes.

Forehead Area:

Place the device just above the space between your eyebrows. Stroke outwards towards your ears, stopping before you reach your hairline. Then, stroke upwards to cover your complete forehead.

Nose Area:

Cover your nose including the bridge but be sure to avoid the nostril area, as the skin may be very sensitive there.


Treating the back of your hands and fingers can be tricky. Use the fine tip, and move the device slowly along the curves of your fingers. 

Begin on suction mode 1 and hold the ReVit or the Reveal like a pencil. Your grip should be firm but not blocking air vents. If you want more powerful suction, increase to suction mode 2. This should only be based on your comfort and sensitivity to the device. Use the tip on the same area of skin 2-3 times for the first few treatments. Use the device only once or twice per week.

Closely follow these steps to ensure you get the desired results promised by these devices.

Treatment Duration

Treatment duration is similar for the both the ReVit and the Reveal as the devices share many of the same properties and technologies.

For the ReVit and the Reveal, it is recommended that you do not use either device more than once or twice per week. Treatments should last about 5 minutes. Users should experience noticeable results after 3-4 treatments. In the case of users with severely unhealthy skin, they could require up to 12 sessions. Results can vary based on age, gender, genetics and skin tone and type. Lastly, treatment duration does not differ based on what tip you use.

Prior to your first treatment, you can perform a spot test. Simply test the device on a small area of skin and wait 24 hours to see how your skin reacts to treatment. If skin looks and feels normal, then you can begin regular treatment.  Review the “Microderm How To” and “Microderm Treatment Process” for pre-treatment and treatment directions.

Remember to use the low suction mode for the first 2-3 treatments, and to stop immediately if you experience any discomfort.