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Silk'n Retail Partners

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Silk’n Retail Partners

Silk’n partners with authorized online dealers to distribute our products to customers all over the world. We also team up with Canadian retailers to ensure that our products are accessible in brick and mortar locations throughout Canada. Not only do our retail partners carry Silk’n devices and accessories, but they are well versed in the benefits of our products, knowledgeable on how to use them, and are able to help you chose the one that best suits your needs.

Our products can be purchased at the following Canadian retail locations:

It is important to us that our retail partners have our items in stock, and that you have the opportunity to buy the product you want when you want it. We recommend that prior to visiting a retail location, you contact them to confirm their hours of operation and inquire about what Silk’n products are available. Not every retailer carries a complete inventory of our products.