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Silk'n Reviews

Silk'n testimonials and reviews

Silk’n Reviews

Our skin care devices were designed to make people feel younger and to deliver everyday confidence. Silk’n has fans all over the world who love to share their wonderful experiences and beautiful new skin. This is a place to review our products and to provide honest feedback about your Silk’n experience.

Share your story about how our products helped tighten and lift your skin, made you look and feel younger, reduced cellulite, improved acne, removed unwanted hair from your face, arms legs and sensitive areas. Best of all, by sharing your story you can inspire others to ditch the spa and enjoy effective and long-lasting grooming in the privacy of their own home.

Don’t be shy, review one or more of these Silk’n products:

Hair Removal





We’re excited to learn about your Silk’n experience and to better understand how our products are being used and enjoyed by our customers!